August 10, 2012

We Have Lift Off

Adding the crown molding this morning.  The bedroom will be done.

In a fugue state, I handed G a “honey Do” list a month or so ago.  One of those, “patch the living room floor, finish the bedroom, finish the upstairs bathroom” sort of lists. 

He finished the living room floor last week.

Today a carpenter is coming to install the crown molding in the master bedroom.  That’s a very tall ceiling with a really rough edge between the ceiling and the walls.  And too, it is a very full bedroom to work in.  The molding is now painted and now waits down in the garage.  Much of the loose stuff has been moved into the computer room. 

I’m going to run away from it all by going to work.  When I come home, one more room will be done.

We go toward lift off slower than a snail’s pace here.  Perhaps that’s our reality.

  • Himself:  As he worked on the new program, they would make the changes he would recommend.  Going up to Carlsbad next week to work on the program with a bunch of others.  He cooked the steak and it was really good.
  • Herself:  Almost took the rear quarter panel of the Toyota off as I parked crooked in the garage.  Sun was in my mirrors.  Turned that poem into mush as I rewrote and rewrote.  Dinner was good, anyway.  Bonnie D’s’ Zucchini and avocado salad with a thinly sliced flank steak.  Dinner out tonight.
  • Reading:  Nothing.  Schlepping books from point A to Point B tho.
  • Balance:  Getting things done.  Finally using fans.
  • Olympics:  I’m really enjoying cheering on my favorites.


  1. Glad your car did not get damaged. If I gave my husband a list like that I would be waiting until hell freezes over. He is a love...but NOT a handyman.

  2. You do realize, of course, that once the lists are done, more will follow.

  3. I like your idea of daily reports on progess in different areas. I need new floors, new doors, new paint. But it won't happen while we are in our current house. We may need to fix the house for the next occupant, however.

    My cleaner gave me some floor advice last week, i.e. how to have new flooring installed. Is that a hint or what?

  4. Wow! The house is going to be awesome! We're working on hand railings right now.


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