September 3, 2012

2012 Festival of Sail

The “Star of India’s” sails greeted us when we arrived at the Festival of Sail.  Members got in free, and they received a passport that they could get stamped onboard each ship. 


We started our stay with a hot dog at the street fair, and found a new wallet to replace my beyond-tired one.


Volunteers sported their amusing T-shirts, and looky-loos with camera could be found everywhere…even under the Surprise the ship from the movie “Master and Commander,”


Two tall ships off into the bay for a cannon battle, and flags flying with enthusiasm.

Navy barges provided docking out into the bay for the 24 ships that came to the Festival.  It’s now too complicated for the really large foreign ships to enter the harbor, but we enjoyed the smaller US ships.

Mast and sails on the “American Pride.”


This small long boat is about the same size as the one Captain Bligh and crew were set loose in to sail  3618 nautical miles after the Mutiny on the Bounty.

The Exy Johnson comes about in front of the Carrier Carl Vinson.

I’m fascinated by this method of raising sail.  This steeply stepped mast and sail are on the first America’s Cup winner, the “America.”


Several of the museum’s small boats are displayed on a barge of their own.


A “Surprise” crew member with a blunderbuss.  It worked too.  Onboard this crew member taught splicing to others.  A splice is much stronger than a knot and uses less rope.

Pulleys aboard the “Surprise.”

As we left, I spied the Exy Johnson again this time with a harbor tour boat, other small craft against the background of the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70).


  1. Oh, my! Beautiful ships. When I was about ten, I learned the names of all the sails on a full-rigged ship. (I think the teacher used the Cutty Sark as an example.)

    It's one of those thing that I knew, really knew, and can't remember any more.

  2. these are terrifically composed photos. Great job. It is hard to capture these tall ships in all their glory, but your understanding of their architecture must have guided you.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos. Have often intended to see the Tall Ships when in port but for one reason or another never have. So, I'll do so vicariously here.

  4. Excellent photos, Mage! I love them all.

  5. What a grand time! I was just too pooped to even try it.

  6. Master and Commander is about a British ship fighting the Americans I think...I watched it on fast forward through the fight scenes. Too cowardly to watch battle scenes in their entirety these days.

    I have a good book about Captain Bligh if you are interested. He was an amazing man.

  7. Can't imagine being out on the Pacific in that tiny boat but then they had no choice. Beautifully done photos.

  8. I hear the snap of the sails and the creaking of the ships. Shiver me timbers; tis a grand sight to see. Thanks for sharing the many photos...looks like it was a glorious day to view the ships...

  9. That looks so good. Your pictures are great; they make me want to come and see it myself.

  10. Captain Bligh--strong navigator! All that distance in an open boat. Shudder!

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