September 17, 2012

A Micro Monday

The USS Peleliu heads out on a WestPac today.  Her 4000 member crew won’t be home until after the holidays.

  • He had a good day in and out of the sun.  He discovered that we could drive clear up to the lighthouse and park with my handicapped placard.  It was delightful up there on the top of the world.

  • At last the weather has been cooling down fractionally.  Saturday our world was in the hundreds at the beach…which wasn’t restful or relaxing.  74 is…that’s the temperature our world is supposed to be today is a magic gift.

  • Grumpy still isn’t right.  The gears grind when you change them, and you still have to push the clutch through the floor to change gears.  They don’t sell trucks with manual transmissions any more so there aren’t many good manual transmission mechanics.  The last guy got it right, but that was with a different dealership.

  • We are going to the Southern California Convention two weekends from now.  It isn’t half as lively as our local party, but those glorious roses will still be there filling my camera lens.

  • It was Mohave’s birthday yesterday.  We called and she actually picked up the phone.  There were a few moments of truly disjointed singing, before we all cried together missing each other.

  • I’ll process the lighthouse pictures when I get home…after a visit to the hip doctor at 0830 this morning.  I’ll miss my morning aerobics class, but I was thinking I could join the 1100 o’clock class with the martinet teacher.  That’s a downright scary thought.

  • Forgetting more and more words.  It’s frightening.  But then there are days when I remember everything.  There’s no consistancy up there in my head.  Maybe if I burped my head, it would work better.  Like NCIS….whap.


    1. That only works on Tony, and that's only because his brain gets stuck in being twelve.

    2. That word thing is discomforting. Sends me to the PC to look up all the brain problems on the planet. If you're unwell or stressed it seems to pop up.

    3. Is that "burping" like the Tupperware burp? I forget words and spelling from time to time...Thank goodness for Google...I type part of the word in and it shows up.

    4. Memory, it plays tricks. Love the shot of the Peleliu. My FIL was there in 1944, I think. He was also at Iwo Jima. He was drafted in 1944 and had three red battle stars on his Marine uniform. What a hellacious place that was.

      I really like the new Antony Beevor book on WWII. So far I am on chapter 2. Long book and on my Kindle. Dianne

    5. I sent you an email with my particulars. Only realized later you want to pack a lunch. Cold chicken, hard boiled eggs, tuna in a can, saltine crackers (no bread) and a theromos full of cold sweet tea (Splenda) or hot latte. I drink a little espresso in lots of milk. A well washed crisp apple for dessert.



    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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