September 22, 2012


Disney Wonder amid the crush of the waterfront.  I drove downtown in the midst of rush hour traffic to catch a glimpse of her yesterday before dinner time.  2012

Today is the day I tackle the next big project.  My grandpa, my father’s father, spent years compiling a genealogy of his side of the family.  (My mother’s side was already done.)   No one had dealt with these masses of loose papers and letters.  Many of the envelopes have been unopened since my father’s death, and in only one or two have I glimpsed the contents.

I had lent my LDS sister in law much of this collection…the family groupings of diagrams, dates, and corroborative letters.  I know how much this sort of research means to her and thought she might like to enter them in the LDS Database.  Several years ago, I took the immediate family lists back thinking I would make a start on them at that time.  Instead, I got sidetracked by the family photos rotting away down in high acid folders.

Now that all but two of the photos are scanned, today I’ll dig out what folders I still have.  If I have to go to Costco to buy one of those white plastic work tables, I will.  A small four footer will fit up here in the computer room.  Later today, after roasting a chicken with fresh rosemary, I will sign on to 

  • Himself:  Working too long at the computer without moving around.  I worry.
  • Herself:  A busy happy day.  Swim, work, drive down, a fish taco, meeting with a 17 point slice of birthday cake, then with G in charge we watched “Salt, MIB, and Baseball” all at once. 
  • Reading:  A book about books.  Really a list, but I was glad to see she had Cadell and Stevenson listed in her important books list.  Me too.
  • Balance:  Making the Nook work.  Yea!


  1. The best family tree I ever made myself was done in MetaDesign, a flow chart software for engineers.

    Thanks to a couple of distant cousing, I now have more data. I'll use theirs where I can. I still have the MetaDesign...on a floppy disk, for which I have no slot. 8(

  2. I think two hours with you will probably finish me off. You are one busy bee.

    Yes, tell G to move. A walk is good if you can manage it. rocks. It appears to be headquartered in Utah. I supect they tap into the LDS database.

  3. another very ambitious project but one that will be appreciated in years to come, I am sure.

  4. Leave it to you to tackle the genealogy thing with such aplomb! Good for you -- And yes, that ship is absolutely wonderful!!

  5. Genealogy is something I could never do, as my relatives are from both North and South Korea. Not only can I not read Korean, I would also have difficulty accessing records in Communist North Korea.


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