September 13, 2012


There are those moments you have been waiting for.  Yes, home is where you find it, but it is better when all the parts are there.

Sometimes it takes a little commuting to get home.  Other times home is far away and one has to wait.

Sometimes home comes to you.

Sometimes a piece of your home comes home.

  • Himself:  Work is slow, but he’s enjoying it.
  • Herself:  Ended up with Helmet Hair despite saying I didn’t want it, found a good local framer with a sense of humor to fix the frame Marta broke.  Went with G to pick up Grumpy.
  • Reading:  Liked the new Perry a lot.  Monk at his best.
  • Balance:  Grumpy is home again, we hope this time to stay.  With all the things they did to fix the clutch, replacing the pilot shaft bushing fixed that horrible grinding sound they couldn’t diagnose.  Much more expensive to do but a far, far better solution than turning up the radio.


  1. Too funny. Yes, I turn up the volume to hear when the dogs begin barking and someone is saying something interestin on TV.

    Re the Civil War and railroads. Have you read Richard White's book 'Railroaded'? This is the story of how the east-west railroads were built during and after the Civil War. Totally transformed the country. Dianne

  2. Glad Grumpy is still around to...grump. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

  3. Glad Grumpy is still around to...grump. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

  4. Nice pics! Hope Grumpy is good to go -- and no more hiccups from it!

  5. I'm glad your Grumpy is fixed now. These are really amazing photos, Mage.

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