September 8, 2012

On Being Spoiled

Nook color.

I indicated that I missed my old favorite coffee cup.  Mildly, mind you.

“Oh, they came,” he said yesterday, grinning, enthusiastically beginning a dig into a giant box.

…and out came three oversized Sango Splash cups.  They go well with the Cinnamon Russell Wright Iroquois
that we use for every day.

After a very happy day working with subrogations, a simple dinner, and a meeting by the bay, he whipped me off to Best Buy.  “I need a new mouse.  Mine died,” he told me….then led me directly to the Kindle Fire.  They stopped making them.  There weren’t any in the store.  They did have a top of the line Nook color….which I now own combined with a wireless modem and a new mouse for himself.

I, the booklady, will be endeavoring to learn the Nook this afternoon.  But this morning I’m once again picking up my messes so the Lovely dinner guests don’t trip over my piles.

  • Himself:  More subrogations coming in, so he is a very happy worker.  Spent volumous amounts of time planning birthday goodies for me only to be undone by corporate policy.
  • Herself:  Utterly surprised by his careful and thoughtful planning.
  • Reading:  The Presidents Wives 2
  • Balance:  Friends for dinner here…an amazing social move.


  1. A "digital bookmobile" has been touring our area, in conjunction with the library network.

    They give instruction on using the e-readers and, especially, how to borrow e-books from the libraries.

  2. I look forward to a post about your digital reading adventures. How fortunate you are to have a mate who spoils you in thoughtful caring ways. Wishing you a Happy Birthday month.

  3. I so enjoy your posts, though I don't comment on every one. Have a fun time with your dinner guests. I don't have a Nook, but do love my Kindle e-reader.

  4. You are more social than you seem to think. You do much more entertaining than me. We do none. The dogs have ruined my hardwood floors, and until they are repaired, we meet folks in restaurants. Three more weeks and you can entertain me. Ha ha. Dianne

    Discrimination = selling Nooks and not Kindle Fire

  5. Loved the pottery/china/colors and the other giftees. Your husband is so thoughtful. I have a Kindle, have over 360 free books on it but haven't read them...I guess I am waiting for that blizzard to come to Florida this winter! LOL....
    Be sure you check out Pixel of Ink and E-Book News for free e-books....all you need is a gift card or account on Amazon and you will be set as long as they still provide free e-books to the Nook.

  6. What a nice way to be spoiled.. more like cherished.

  7. I'm worried about your piles. See UK definition.
    My son gave me a kindle and I was delighted that I could down load 'The Good Soldier' by Ford Maddox Ford for FREE!
    Yours looks as if it does much more.


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