September 2, 2012

On Holiday

No guilt about the whole donut I ate while helping with the shop inventory yesterday.  Glorious sunshine to keep me company as I went through photo boxes later.  Only three more boxes and some small scanning to go and this giant project is done.  Dinner was the perfect one for a holiday in the sunshine…a BLT with a little shopping for desert.

Off to see the 2012 Festival of Sale on the Embarcadero this morning.  What better thing to do on a holiday.


  1. The vibrancy of grass and bicycle with the waterscape background makes me long for a leisurely stroll without Isaac debris in view. I have also delved into your photo blog posts a bit.

    I have been intimidated by the scanning mountains awaiting me. But between reading of your scanning strategy and Dianne's at Schmidley's Scribblings, I am working up the gumption to purchase a scanner and start. What kind do you use (scanner, not gumption?

  2. that pretty blue bicycle makes me long to be able to ride again. But alas, I have fallen off my bicycle so many times that I fear I would break a hip so I don't ride anymore.....

  3. I feel so feckless. I haven't replaced the scanner that is incompatible with Windows 7 and its gone to the needy.
    And about2 weeks ago my printer stopped working and I've done nothing about it.
    I wonder how the bike saddle would cope with the ring - a new accessory:)


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