September 18, 2012

On the Point

The Cabrillo Lighthouse and assistant keepers cottage.

It’s so exciting to be able to go to the top of the Point again.  When I was a kid, we could drive right up to the lighthouse and Park.  Then, for years, only ranger’s vehicles could park near the lighthouse.

The Californian heading out to the end of the harbor jetty.  Perhaps they were on a harbor tour.  She was built on the beach at Shelter Island, and she now lives at the Maritime Museum and is the State of California’s official ship.

I sat down on the stone wall for a while.  This was built here in the 1930’s as part of a WPA construction program.  Although they raised the road shortening the height of the wall, it is still possible to sit comfortably on the stones and watch the city across the harbor mouth.  Who thought I would ever just enjoy sitting and looking.

Large Aircraft taking off from North Island Naval Air Base.

“Look, there’s a large aircraft on the runway with droopy wings,” G said.

“I can’t see it.”

“It’s moving down the runway now.”

And suddenly I could see it taking off.

  • Himself:  ”I had a great day.”  I said, “I’ll quote you on that.”
  • Herself:  Bone doc…shot ordered for my hip.  Errands run.  My innards aren't handling the world without something at all well.  Spent most of yesterday with cramps and misery.  Ditto most of the week, actually.  Changing the bread back.
  • Reading:  ”The Monument Men,”  A fascinating account of the post WWII doggedness in preserving the buildings, art, and sculptures in war torn Europe.
  • Balance:  Reading.


  1. Interesting photos. Sorry you needed a shot in the hip. Hubby has trouble with his right hip, which freezes when he walks. His doctor told him the shot for hips has not been approved yet. Hmmm. I'll tell David about your shot and maybe he can ask his doctor about it.

  2. Lighthouses are fascinating, as are the views they have. Always thought it would be fun to rent one of those that are available for a couple of nights.

  3. Your comment about the art and sculptures + buildings lost in WWII reminds me of the slides one of my art professors showed us and then she would say, "You will never see was destroyed in WWII."

    Oh the WPA built some fine things. If only we had the $$ to do more these days. Dianne

  4. I'd like to sit on the wall with you. It's a great view.

  5. Sitting on a wall and taking pictures across the ocean. What a nice thing to do. Hoping you will feel better soon!

  6. What a glorious day you had and what glorious photos, Mage!

    I'm so sorry for the pain you're enduring. Please try to take it easy.


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