September 16, 2012

Play Ball

The Great Geezer bought our first groupon purchase…two tickets to the expensive, Toyota Terrace seats at Petco Park. 

We stopped by Hodad’s on our way to our seats for a 30 point Hodad’s bacon cheese burger rated the world’s best by “Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives” and Us too.

Mikey, the owner stopped by.  I really like that guy, loved his mom and dad who started Hodad’s, and am passionate about the burgers.  Yes, I forgot to get a picture of my beyond gigantic burger before I started eating it.  Yes, I counted every point.

The new suspension bridge across the railroad tracks is done now, and you can go from the bay side to the park side with ease.

Play ball…and we won.  What a much improved team.

Find the air plane.  I hadn’t thought I cought it, but I did.

Yes, we had a grand time….even with the extra points.  Best burger I’ve ever eaten.


  1. Burger sounds great...I'm sure it was worth the 30 points...sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Great day, wonder if I would have seen the plane without the hint.

  3. We used to come S.D. a lot when we lived in AZ, then after we moved to CA. One of the last times I recall was quite a few years ago for a Fiesta Bowl but don't recall now where that was played.

  4. I thought I saw two. Still can't see planes near buildings happily.
    That is a great sporting action photo.
    I'm drooling at the thought of the burger. I adored hot dogs in America way back when.

  5. I once loved baseball and even attended a few games in person, but not anymore.

    I hope you don't think its gross, but, but I can't eat fried food owing to a bile duct issue with my stomach. Fish is wonderful and I can eat it if not fried. (I eat a half bun. You know how the points go.)

    Looking forward to Saturday Oct 6. Richard says they will drop me off and pick me up. Apparently one of the games is nearby. You will probably be glad if I visit only a couple of hours.

  6. Your photos are so awesome and the burger really sounds delicious! Bacon is one of my weaknesses.


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