September 5, 2012


It's annual physical time here.  With great trepidation yesterday, I headed off into my day.   Mammogram first.

“Can I have a stronger compression this year,” I asked.

Last year I was sent up to the La Jolla campus for follow up compressions and all the rest of the stuff.  Not only had I never been there, but I parked too far away from the building and got lost.  You can’t exactly drive around the block and try again at that facility.

“I’ve never had anyone ask for more pressure,” she said laughingly, but she did it.  Last year I was compressed at 10, this year at 17.  One can always hope I don’t have to go back.

Home to lunch and then off to the Pulmonary Surgeon.  I got five minutes, and felt he didn’t listen when he gave me an x-ray prescription for pain.  I’m not in any pain.  The leg just gets tired. 

Tomorrow I take a different set of lists to my GP.  You know….”I cough all night”…sort of list for the annual physical time of year.  The more I wear out, the more I need to be proactive.  Complaining or growling does no good at all.  Dancing on the head of a neatly typed computer list does.  Watch me dance.  Then, with any luck, I am done with all but the aches and pains for another year.  Dancing along of course.

  • Himself:  had a very slow day at work.  Did the laundry as his get-off-his-duff job of the day.
  • Herself:  Felt triumphant as I put the last of the photos away and went into action.
  • Reading:  Finished “Ship Doctor” and am now onto the second volume on President’s wives.
  • Movie Night:  “Albert Hobbs.”  Tho marvelously filmed and acted, I was bored.


  1. Goodness me, I hate mammograms and to ask for increased pressure?? Are you brave or mad?

    I love my computer, unfortunately, I could do with more exercise of the physical kind. Of course its a sauna outside, so I am inside. Dianne

  2. When you take your list to the doctor, include your question as to why the x-ray. Some doctors -- mostly specialists -- make a habit of not listeing. (They also ignore warnings listed in your medical history. I know.)

  3. I find a list helps a lot too. And, I'm sorry to say, I think the older we get the less they listen. The invisibility of the over 50 group.

  4. Dance your way to health and happiness!

  5. I am sorry. Your health stuff sounds like it is bothering you more. Go forth and battle and ask that they tell you if they can or cannot fix it. I have not had a mammogram in a number of years. I am over 65 this year and I honestly think with no cancer in my family that I do not need to get that punishment anymore. I also am through with colonoscopies. I am more worried about weight and circulatory problems and skin or other cancers. Those will be my death.

  6. I've never noticed the compression weight when I've had mammograms. A couple of friends have lots of fibroid issues, so maybe more compression would be better in that situation, too.

  7. Of course you're dancing!

    Hope you don't have to go back. I'm due for my mammo soon, too.

    That header photo is MAGNIFICENT!!!

  8. wow! now I am going to think you are visiting a ship's doctor! stay hale and hearty!


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