September 30, 2012


Waiting for the banquet to start yesterday.

Saturday:  So far, we didn’t die of the heat, but we were cold in the air conditioning.  I carried my camera but forgot to get shots of the roses.  We did get our travel docs for the upcoming trip, and senatorial permission arrived for three of our four DC stops before we headed to the convention.  Then meetings, took a Subway sandwich with us, and hit assorted meetings until feed the cats time.  I did go to sleep during Clancy’s short speech….he’s an LA guru from the Pacific Group.  I made a joke of it for the rest of the day. 

G went jacketless to the banquet, so I dressed down with amber and was very comfortable in too big pants.  That’s very exciting.  Lots of walking.  We slept like logs…woken once only by helicopter sounds followed by lots of sirens down on the beach.


  1. I like the both look great. Hope the rest of the convention goes well.

  2. Lovely shot of the two of you. You look like a happy old married couple....oh that's right you are. Dianne

  3. Sirens on the beach, reminds me of living in Seattle ;-). Very good picture of you two, have a great time.

  4. Great photo of you. YOu must be sure to keep this! Pray tell what are the Senatorial permits? Am I going to see you?

  5. how about Weds. the 24th for lunch at noon or thereabouts? I volunteer on the 23rd. Just need to decide where. I get my blogger email up and send you more info.

  6. A lovely harmonious photo in every sense.


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