September 15, 2012

Saying Thank You's

Friday I work as a sorter replacing Norma who died this year from a very fast moving cancer.  I can sort.  If it’s a shirt, check the neck first.  Pants, check the crotch first.  Yes, it’s an “Eeweeee,” kind of job.  I’ve actually been caught saying that.  If either are dirty, Father Joe’s St. Vincent de Paul Family Villages will take them and guarantee to sell them.

I mourned while I worked yesterday.  At first it was only one box.  Tired shoes.  Dirty shoes.  The very good dress belts showed little wear.  Next were the denims.  At first there were only a few pair, then in another box there were twenty.  Most were high fashion of a year or so ago….low rise and wear lines.  My style maven, the guy that prices the good stuff, told me they all were out of style and wouldn’t sell.  

The leather coats would.  Three longer black coats and a light tan, Harley Davidson leather coat.  The black coats showed signs that they had been worn little and were still very flexible.  The HD coat with its carefully printed name on the front had that dried out leather feel.  The not worn much for years but too cherished to get rid of feel. 

Then more stuff appeared.  Big boxes of coats.  Bigger bags of shirts.  Surfing stuff.  Acres of surfing things like Billabong T’s.  No underwear, no socks, but four ties to go with the twenty pair of denims and the acre of good dress shirts.

Sometimes while you sort, you just say thank you.  Every donation is a gift that helps our organization learn more about cancer while helping those living with this awful disease.  Yesterday I said thank you a lot.

  • Himself:  Had a slow day.

  • Herself:  Took pictures, sorted, found some time for books, uploaded to the Facebook page, and ate dinner at the bay.  Counting points.  Two of the 6” Subways are only 8 points.

  • Reading:  Still reading the book about the Presidents wives.

  • Today:  Write for a while, tidy, read, off to a ball game on Toyota Terrace thanks to Groupon.  That certainly is above our usual selves.  Hodad’s hamburger for dinner at the ball park.  It’s a good thing we have extra points to use during the week.

  • What are American's Reading:Here’s a map by red and blue that shows you just what political books the country is reading right now.  Interesting demographics thatnks to Schmidley.


    1. Last winter all of our extra coats went to Occupy New Haven. Intellectually, I know it's not as cold in California. But I do have trouble relating to a place where not everyone needs a coat.

    2. Good for the extra points!! I love WW and tommmorrow is weigh-in day. Clothes: I always give freshly cleaned or laundered clothes to charity. Some folks are disqusting I think.


    3. Good for the extra points!! I love WW and tommmorrow is weigh-in day. Clothes: I always give freshly cleaned or laundered clothes to charity. Some folks are disqusting I think.


    4. I imagine there are plenty of people who will be glad to buy those unstylish denims......what was on that tie....looked like neon colored flamingos

    5. I volunteer at Children's Hospital thrift shop and have really enjoyed sorting and pricing more than working on the floor. The one exception: having to check the pants. YUK!

    6. I always make sure our clothes for donations are clean too. I'm glad you get good things donated too. I used to love the Winnetka Rummage Sale in Illinois.

    7. Oh, the Great G drove to the store and bought that tie. LOL

    8. I talked with Richard yesterday and he asked which day (Friday or Saturday) you and I were getting together. They have kids games on Saturday and I can't sit out in the hot sun for those, so I would prefer to be with you on Saturday if that's okay. Dianne


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