September 25, 2012

Smiling Through

Two quilts I got at estate sales off to the thrift store.

One thing has dramatically changed for me, and I don’t know what caused it. 

I’ve had lymphedema in my legs ever since that leg saving surgery about five years ago.  It’s something you just take in stride grateful to keep your leg.  The upper leg is so swollen that neither G nor I can get a compression stocking on it, but they fit on the lower legs.  They work well too.

Now, all of a sudden, here I am with skinny legs and I’m sweating like a rain forest. 

The doctor changed my meds.  Added a vitamin too?  Could that be it?  G thinks it is the WW diet.  Whatever it is, I am very grateful not to have to wear compression stockings on these hot humid days.

I have been sitting at the computer entering names in the data base.  I have many of the names in my old journals.  I also have many of the privately printed family genealogies around here somewhere.  Often when I am missing a date or further information, instead of looking it up, I find it online.  What my grandfather’s spent laborious years compiling, I often have at the touch of a keyboard.

So far so good with this project.

  • Himself:  Packing for two days in Denver.  He’ll talk to insurance companies.
  • Herself:  IBS yesterday.  Not good.  Today is grocery shop and run errand day.
  • Reading:  Bought DC books and a plasticized map.  Bought a Moon book too but already owned it.
  • Balance:  Taking the book back.


  1. I have swollen legs most of the time. I wear those stockings hot or cold. Actually need them more in the heat. You are lucky to find something that helps.

  2. No it isn't the WW diet causing your problem. Good for you sharing the information you have about your family on I must start that project too. Perhaps this will be my New Year's Resolution.

    BTW if you know a good vegetarian restaurant near you we could have lunch there if you are up for it. Dianne

  3. G is leaving? I must take you out then to keep an eye on you for him!

  4. Dear schimdley, I think Mage means the WW diet helped. Good news all the same. May it continue.

  5. As always, you put so much into your day....I am a sloth these days...After running around for weeks getting ready to move, I am really enjoying the days with nothing that I have to do ~ but now I must get back into it.

  6. It really is amazing what we can find off of Internet, isn't it. I'm glad your legs are doing better now. Now can you find out what will stop hair from falling out? I'm going to go bald at this rate.

  7. I am so glad your legs have improved. I think it may be the change in medication. Our bodies are such complex chemical factories and while medicine is needed it always comes at a cost.

  8. I am glad your legs are normal now.

  9. I have just had surgery and have to wear those stockings for the first time. Two weeks now and I am at the point of almost getting used to them, but hating them as well. Your project sounds so much fun but a lot of work. Good luck!

  10. Wow! Great that the edema is gone -- fantastic!!

  11. A dear neighbor of mine has lymphedema. No compression stockings fit her. Her legs have to be wrapped to keep the severe swelling down even a little bit.

    Having seen her challenges, I can appreciate your gratitude for the change you have experienced.


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