September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wibbits

…or personal bits you can skip if you wish.

  • Here’s a photo of me at my top weight.  Look, I hide the weight behind a paper bag.  Perhaps it’s better than sticking my head in the bag.

  • A new mouse makes the whole world seem far less blue.  Gee, I was clicking on a link and the whole page turned blue.  Mice wear out, and I didn’t know that.

  • G has already lost much of his front roundness here after known as pot-gut.  Yes, everyone tells me that men lose faster than women, but there’s a certain inequality of an old, fat lady living with a young sex object.

  • Progress at last.  The stomach cramps vastly lessened once I switched back to my previous bread.  Bottom line, the healthy bread isn’t for me.  Darn it.  I’m sure this isn’t the end of the reactions, but I’m pleased this one is gone.

  • The blood work came back, and I’m low on Vitamin D….of course I am.  No more sunshine for me.  Then again, this is the first year she didn’t have to burn off legions of spots on my skin.  I’ll take the pills.


    1. It's never been fair that men lose weight easier than women. Of course, our "thickness" is for all those curves that our men love. So I guess we have to suffer the love handles!
      Glad you are working on feeling better....Good luck.

    2. I also had been unusually fatigued and asked Doc for a blood test and since I garden and spend time in the sun was surprised to be love in Vitamin D which I am now taking as a supplement. He said I just wasn't absorbing it from the sun as well!

    3. The road to better health can be hard work.. but worth it. Good for you. :)

    4. I try to avoid the sun too because I'm getting so spotty, but it's hard to do in Hawaii. I'm glad you discovered that it was the bread that was giving you grief.

    5. I am wearing a Cancer Society approved hat to screen my face and neck..and ears and scalp... Have several bottles of sun block I almost never use. I am not outside very much except in garden and walking the dogs, but i am always covered. I look like I keep bees or something.

      Re weight loss...I am plateaued again, what a bummer. David is lean and fit of course.

    6. There is a great deal of unfairness in the differences between male and female aging and society's views of male vs. female elders. Same with weight loss.

      And wouldn't you know my 60s arrived with things appearing on my face that must have been fodder for witches in ancient fairy tales. Arrrgggghhhhh!


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