September 12, 2012


In the 150’s with Lessa.

Today the great Geezer and I are off to Weight Watchers at six pm after our first day of eating conservatively.  Coffee, toast, and no fat yogurt for breakfast, half a sandwich for lunch, a snack of some sort mid-afternoon with one diet coke, and a WW Pasta Primavera for dinner with a green salad on the side.   

Life as we both knew it has to be over if we are to live life semi-comfortably into old age.  High fat foods are out.  Heavy carb foods, sugared foods are out as are the fake sweeteners.  We know this.  I also know that doing it by myself didn’t work.  We are both vastly overweight, and we both are now going to WW’s starting tonight.

In the 217’s with Lessa.

  • Himself:  Files from the two new subrogation companies have begun arriving.  He’s a very handsome man.
  • Herself:  Hunted in vain for Elizabeth Cadell books to download to my nook yesterday.
  • Reading:  The new Anne Perry.
  • Balance:  Calls from both daughters.  Now there’s a birthday present.  Dinner at the Bali Hai.  Uninterrupted time to read too.  What a gift.  Watching “RED” as the birthday movie of the week.  It get’s funnier the more you watch it.
  • Thank you’s:  It was so very nice of all of you to wish me a happy birthday.  I sure do appreciate your cards, notes, and caring.


  1. Good luck with WW, Mage. It has helped Dianne, as we know from her blog.

  2. A new Anne Perry? Thanks; I forgot to check.

  3. WW works, good for you getting a boost to get going again.

  4. Oh let me jump in and wish you a happy day after your bday! Finally figured out why I couldn't get comments to stick. I,ve been with you every day,with no way to speak up.

  5. Good for you both. Here's one of the links I found in the Washington Post. I will continue to look for the other book link.

  6. Happy Day after the Birthday and Happy WW Day too. I am sure you both will be the "stars" of the group and lose so much weight....LOL.....

  7. I just love your smile. So grand. Grand smile.

  8. It's true. Sighhhh... I've learned that. Diets alone won't do it. It has to be a life style change forever and ... dare I say it? Exercise.


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