September 7, 2012

Yearly Stuff

The Surprise. 2012.

I’ve survived the mammogram, the new Medical Wellness testing, and all the other goodies one goes through once a year.  I didn’t get lost, but I was not a nice person until after breakfast on the blood draw day, yet I’m smiling.  G probably wants to shoot me, but I’m still smiling.  The mammogram turned out just fine.  Oh hurrah!

What I did learn is that my paper records here are out of date.  Everything has changed since I put together the listing of our medical and financial doings in one small notebook here at the house.  Even the contents of the safe deposit box have changed since I last did an inventory.  I can’t even find my medical directive.  ….she says hitting herself on the head.  

Rewriting that will be a good chore for next week.  She says waving at you, “I’m off to work!”

  • Himself:  New Subrogation files have been coming in and that makes him a happy man.
  • Herself:  No gym, just medical tests all week.
  • Reading:  The Presidents Wives.
  • Moments:  I’ll be fine when the results of the last two tests come in.


  1. Some day they will figure out how to do most of the tests, including the mammo and the bone density scan, in one visit -- and give you breakfast after they draw your blood. I can be a lot more cheerful after I've had coffee!

  2. I doubt that what Harriet says will be true for our generation. Medical care is going to get more convoluted, more expensive and more time consuming. At least we have it!

  3. Glad you're through all that, at least you do it while the sun is still out. Good planning.

  4. I got excited when I read that hubby got new subrogation files...I think I am feeling withdrawals from my previous claims work! LOL
    Isn't it great to get all the medical testing over with? We have opthamologist appts on 9/21....

  5. Gods knows I can empathize with medical tests. The list of them that I have to endure just keeps getting longer and I wish I could just mess with them once or twice a year. I think it's flu shot time soon -- not to mention the quarterly blood test.

    Glad you could get this batch out of the way.

  6. Glad results were good. The contrast of kayaks around the picturesque sailing vessel made an intriguing photo that sparked contemplation of then and now.

  7. I will need to eat lite when I see you. I don't know what my DIL will serve, but I want to adhere to this WW diet. No chocolate for sure.

    Congrats on the good results. I am putting off another mammogram so soon.


  8. Happy to hear the good results so far. Seems like I'm always going through med tests of one kind or another. The good news is that my two-year scan was a good one! Now I only have three more years of oncologist visits every six months and then I'll be officially dismissed from my treatment. I keep my fingers crossed--now I'll add you to the list of benefactors of those crossed fingers! :)

  9. Well done on the mammogram.
    We have a CT scan in the Spring and if that's OK we're done.

  10. I should have said 'Fingers crossed' of course


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