October 9, 2012


Above: A busy channel into the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.  Below:  A tiny sail boat heads out into the bay wing-on-wing.

The suitcases are up, and I am contemplating layers. 

“What are you wearing to Washington?” I asked Bee.

My sedate friend who used to only wear tailored black said something like, “California kookie…”tights with a dress like shirt.  Right.

So I’m digging into my “I can almost fit into them” clothes to see what I have that will work with fall tourist weather.  Levi’s, T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets….very unromantic, very boring, and very comfortable. 

While I contemplated, I downloaded the last of the handy names to Ancestry.com and attached pictures to each name.  I have at least one picture of every person up through great-grandparents.  Layers of images all making up a life.  Truthfully, though mesmerizing, it seems an endless chore after a while.  Maybe Thursday I will have time to go dig out the family published genealogies that I know are downstairs somewhere.

Today, more pictures to download.  Everybody needs at least one image so the future will know who they were.  At ten, I have teeth cleaning, and after G’s work we are off to a vegan spot for dinner with Captain Poolie.  Sometimes there are great payoffs to a day of mundanities.


  1. I am the worlds lightest packer. It's actually almost frightening. I can easily go for a week with nothing more than an overnight bag. I do a lot of laundry.

  2. I don't know what to expect in India, weatherwise, so I am simply going to take 7 muumuus, 1 heavy sweater, and 15 underwear.

  3. When I see a title like "Layers," I immediately think of autumn clothing.

  4. I love layers too. Please give the Captain a humongous hug from me...I miss her so....

  5. IN Washington, we see everything. Tourists stick out because they don't wear suits, but workers are clever and avoid tourist areas. Nice time of the year for a sweater. Wear comfortable shoes. Those marble floors will kill you. Or you can rent a scooter...maybe. Depends on where you are.

    David gets annoyed because the attendents always rush out and ask him if he needs a wheelchair. Dianne

  6. Layers, comfortable shoes, one nice outfit for dinner if you want a nice restaurant. Tourists wear casual but rarely dress up. My first trip to the Kennedy Center I was so overdressed! You will find they even dress casually in the restaurants. Weather today is very cool--60--but tomorrow they are saying it will be in the 70's. Bring a small umbrella and that will make sure there is no rain.

  7. My day consisted of driving my husband to his hematologist's office for a flu shot. Because the Dr. wants me to have one too but they only give to their patients so that meant two trips to a pharmacy to get mine. Grrr. Then it was off to the vet for the dog to get his shots. I hate days like this. I do hope though you have a wonderful trip.

  8. Hubby and I are on a West Coast trip for several days, 9 to be exact. I should have done a better job of planning a layered wardrobe. Have fun.!


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