October 23, 2012

Neo-Classical Living

October 18 Thursday:  A walking day because we were taking one of those trolley’s.  A short walk past the Washington Post to the Washington Hotel got us two days of tickets and a ride on the green line to the National Cathedral past embasays to more embassays that flew by like flocks of pidgeons on wing,  Marvelous.

We caught a cab downtown….one withoiut GPS and G couldn’t get ours to work on the move either….to a charming real neighborhood of homes.  Dianne led us foot by foot to the blue prius in the drive and the dogs and parrots barking to welcome us.  Just a delightful hour visiting with both of them, seeing their books, and feeling very much at home before journeying to their friends Italian resturaunt.  Yes, we ate our whole sandwich.  They drove us to their neighborhood Metro station, and with cheerful hugs we slid down the escaalators onto another Old Town Trolley.

Once around the inner city on an orange line….much like a jiggly beltway, we got off at the train station.  You know I love train stations.  I more than loved this one.  Lunch next week here with another blogger, And we now know how to get here.  G called the central office, and when we were done with our guilty but delicious pizza, we were off to a meeting.  G left his camera at Pizza Uno…..back we went.  They had saved it. 

Most unusual meeting…multi diagnosis meeting, trolley to the room, and type.  Enough.  Very pooped.

October 19 Friday:  We started out to visit two museums, but we ended up eating and seeing the attic collection at the castle.   I was absolutely fascinated .  Then we moved on to the air and space where I had wanted to see the Tingmissartoq.  There was a very nice expert named Mike who helped me find the airplane surrounded by a new exhibit of the Lindbergh’s.   Marvelous planes everywhere, but the Lindbergh’s plane was so surrounded by displays that I couldn’t get a good shot.  Took reams of photos on all floors.

Back to the American history museum where G sat while I had a full and slow chance to see the dresses and the dishes.  Then we hit all floors with camera in hand again.  America’s attic indeed.   Several folks at the Auto museum recommended the Old Ebbitt Grill.  It had just begun sprinkling when we found it.  Dark walls, pseudo gaslamp light, and delightful murals.   Even tho we delayed out departure with desert, I confess that it was raining when we left, and it was pouring when we got to the hotel. 

We could have been rolling just four blocks down the hill all the time instead of struggling with the Metro.  The joke was on us.

October 20, Saturday:  A walking day.   Taxi to the old town trolley and rode the Green line until the Orange line to Arlington opened up.  Lots of delays downtown because of a 10 Mile race.  Finally off to Arlington where another tour bus took us around with ten minute stops in all the important stops.  I did get off to watch the changing of the guard.  Memory holds it a far more precise operation and G agreed.  Sloppy.  Tour onward where I photographed things near the ride, and G walked down.  By the time we got to the last stop, Arlington House as it is known now, the crowds were so thick that if we had gotten off, we would have never gotten on again.  Too tired also.

Back on the Old Town Trolley to the Lincoln memorial.  G hadn’t wanted to stop at the ML King memorial….I had, oh, well.  He went up into the Lincoln memorial while I shot the crowded exteriors.  There was no room at all for anyone else at the Vietnam Memorial.  Back on the trolley to a pretty good hamburger and superior fries.  Read, G played on the computer, talked with Thomas, before an early crash.

Yes, we are having fun.  Yes, we are taking about two hundred photos a day.  This new world around is delights us.  Yes, I couldn't do all this without the scooter G rented.


  1. I was born and raised in DC, my dad's office was in the Capitol building. I love DC and all it's fine offerings, the people's city. My family is still in Annapolis so I still go up often. Such a delight to read your descriptions. Traffic through town is almost always slow but there's so much to see while going slow. I hope you'll take the Capitol tour and see some the National Gallery of Art, both have wheelchairs for your use.

  2. You are filling your days with lots of activities...not to mention the photo taking. So glad you are enjoying your trip...

  3. You're on the 'right' coast!!! (As opposed to the left!) Glad you're finding our city so exciting. There certainly IS plenty to see. Regardless of how long we've lived here, I always find DC absolutely thrilling. Welcome!!

  4. I am enjoying your trip accounts. By Sunday husband and I will have been on the road for nine days followed by two weekend jaunts. I know what you mean by "pooped."

    The older I get the more tired I become from having fun!

  5. Goodness me, you sure have been busy. I wondered if you got home safely from the last place David dropped you, but as you are writing, you must have done. Dianne

  6. Hats off to both of you.
    So glad the camera was returned.
    I never made Washington. Alas!

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