October 19, 2012

Notes from the Rain (EDIT)*

Oct 15, Mon:  up at 4, and with this un-adventuresome start, things went wrong.   We did get to the air-port two hours early.  The machines would not issue us boarding passes at home, and they wouldn’t when we got to the airport either.  After an hour wait in line, we discovered that the hundreds ahead of us were on a cancelled flight.  After an hour standing, I got a wheel chair, and G interrupted someone to say that we were heading to Dulles.  Next, I didn’t know that all meds and shampoos were to be taken out of our luggage and put in baskets.   More mass confusion and long delay.  Thanks to their man pushing me, we were finally expedited through things right to the air plane.

A slightly bumpy flight got us to Dulles International where G discovered his driver’s license was missing.   He Called the airline, and thinks it got mislaid at the TSA’s.  Shuttle to the hotel, the scooter was there, the room was delightful tho cold, but came with a concierge that found us dinner.

Oct 16:  I awoke at 4 again….30 buck breakfast in the hotel.  No.  Walked to the Beaureau of Engraving tour….fascinating, lunch from Starbucks, then twice to the white house by cab because I forgot my ID.  It was a wonderful, magical, mystery tour.  Folks in the free white house wheel chairs see more of the building than those without.  Cab back, pick up scooter, met Bobbie and Michael at the National Gallery of art, did the portrait gallery, found Carmines…what a great dinner, and went our own ways.

October 17 Tuesday:  Ate Starbucks muffins and the hotel’s coffee and headed out to the Philips Museum.  Great stuff.  Docents in every room.  Metro to Castle for lunch.  American History Museum, and the Freer.  Dinner the Mexican tapas place just down from too much food Carmines.  Good but small.  Metro there, metro back while Mikie and B took only one metro the the bus back to Dulles.  

*Bee had suggested we bring our passports, and so we did giving G an ID.


  1. Sounds amazing! How is G getting hone without his license???

  2. Oh I love the Phillips Museum. Took Hannah there one Christmas to see an exhibit of Impressionists in Winter. Lovely stuff. Dianne

  3. Intimidating beginning, air travel is an adventure in itself. Sounds delightful. Glad you had the backup ID.

  4. The more I hear about it, the more airplane travel is turning into a major event. So...I thought that you could only carry 4oz. products in your purse and the rest had to be inside the suitcase....guess it has all changed again....Hope the driver's license shows up again....Has G. contacted the BMV to get a duplicate issued?

  5. Ouch! Sorry about all the travel hassle. I'm glad you didn't let it dampen your spirits too much. One of these days we'll be wanting to head out that way to visit our son too!

  6. Hubby routinely loses at least one thing on a trip...hotel key, drivers license, etc. but we survive. Glad you are here and hope the rest of the trip goes well. See you around 12:30 (?) at Union Station on Wedsnesday.


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