October 27, 2012


Here he is in a variety of colors tho the green wasn’t so easy to see.

I couldn’t have gone on this trip without my magnificent Geezer.  I let him make the reservations, and he was the one who thought of ordering the scooter that made access to the city available to me.  Often he wore a colorful polo shirt so I could find him in any crowd.  I really appreciated that.  He put up with my constant kvetching, and he kept insisting that he was having fun.

Chewing, chewing…we all did a lot of that.

Bee and her husband, Mikey, deadheaded out to spend two days with us doing art.  For many years this wonderful woman and I had a mother daughter role.  Now days, I wield a camera and words while she paints and teaches, and I we have found a middle ground.  Mikey’s wit is still there but faded as he tires.  And this was a tiring trip for him.  Often he stopped and napped while we toured.  Tho I worried it was good to spend time with them both.  We found a middle ground in food too:  A Mexican tapas spot one night offered terrible service but good food, and Carmines the first night.  Wonderful but way too much food.

G and Dianne.  Neither were shy about colors.

And it did turn out to be a people vacation.  We saw brilliant and serious Dianne and her very likable husband D, twice.  How much we have in common.  They started our vacation off on the right sandwich, and kept us amused with dogs, birds, and other meetings.  Embarrassingly, we didn’t take a picture of D…I admit we were talking instead of photographing.  They will stay on in my memory like the taste of a well aged cheese or cherished wine.

ThomaS up near the Capitol Building.

ThomaS drove down from his home in Sea Bright.  He spent four hours on the road, each way just to spend a few days with us.  We discovered a shy, private man instead of the blustery façade he presents on his blog.  We so enjoyed his company as we caught the beauty of the White House and descended on the Capitol Building as walk ups.  He tolerated my desire to catch up with those portraits we didn’t see the first time around at the Portrait Gallery.  And he ended up not minding the many rooms filled with faces.  Two excellent dinners were a part of these days…The Old Ebbitt Grill
and Carmines just down from the Portrait Gallery.

Smiling but for G.

On our last full day, we had lunch with Tabor and her husband at the wonderfully restored Washington Union Station.  Again two brilliant people, but of different flavor than our other visitors.  How wonderful to spend an hour or so talking and schmoosing over a well cooked bit of sandwich and salad.  I love how it is when similarly minded folks meet and share views.  We talked and smiled and smiled while we talked. 

All these wonderful people made our vacation.  We came to see the museums, and we ended up appreciating people.  Thank you all.

George and Mikey visit in the Calder’s.


  1. Next time, remind me to wear my thin pants. At least I don't look as fat as I did. We ate Thai yesterday...very good.

    Got to get serious about my diet again. Weigh in tomorrow. Hope it isn't horrible.

    Enjoyed your visit too. Miss CA with this storm bearing down on us. Uck!

    Thanks for putting up with my politics. Can't help it, I worked for R and think most are the cat's meow. Gee Whiz or something.

    Yes, David is like a fine wine. However he says his cask is creaking a bit. Dianne

    PS Forgot to mention it, but my 19-year old granddaughter Rita has six months in the fellowship.

  2. Yes, people are what make any trip worthwhile. I am looking forward to meeting my 2 blog friends in Delhi, India next Sunday night. Imagine, just a week away!!!

  3. You had such a great trip, met wonderful people, saw things you love and took so many photos. Sounds like you got your money's worth this time around...and left just in time..before the big hurricane makes traveling so difficult.

  4. I'm visiting from Tabor's site. You're a definite people person!


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