October 10, 2012


The last of the Boys of Summer, Panorama, 2012.
  • Wonderful company at dinner last night and lots of news.  G and the Captain are on the same wavelength.  Still, I had a bit of green paste with my veggie sushi, and that was the end of me….for a few days too.  I sipped a little pale soup and ate a few rice noodles.  Wasabi is not me, indeed.
  • Fussed with the camera, and some small, beyond tiny red threads came from that automatic lens cover.  Still, it closes sometimes and not other’s.  If it keeps working, I will worry about it when I get home.
  • Sprinkles this morning.  Dampness everywhere.  Bits of feeling bad too.  Wasabi bad.  Bits of hives.  Bits of normal sized legs too.  Bits of wonderful folks in the pool this morning.  Bits of actual rain falling from the sky.  Bits of balance.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon....wish I could have been there with all 3 of you. It's cold and overcast this morning in Northern Indiana...we are thinking more and more of leaving for Florida these past few days.

  2. I looked right at your camera and forgot to ask, what do you use. Lovely shot albeit a bit sideways. Dianne

  3. Take care of your health before your trip. Only common foods! Get a cheap camera or borrow and old one for your trip memories.

  4. When I saw you dig into that Wasabi I was.....amazed. Sorry it burned up your tummy.


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