October 1, 2012


We have lift off.  Both of us down one size.  Progress.  Taken in 2009.

Sunday:  We got up late to lazily watch CBS Sunday Morning and read the paper.  Only when we got upstairs and I posted a paragraph to my blog did G discover that the Closing Meeting was almost upon us.  Since it is a LA centric conference, they close early so everyone can drive home.  With a great rush, we made it in time and I stayed awake.  As I was photographing the small winter roses, we had a chance to say good bye to the delightful couple we had shared a dinner table with.  Later still, after a lazy afternoon and simple dinner, we met friends at our usual meeting to laugh and learn from the wonderful D. 

Today it’s back to life as usual.  My turn to call Bee.  Then grocery planning, shopping, hiding from the 89 degree heat here at the beach in darkened rooms, and downloading books to take with us on the flight in case we get stuck on the tarmac or airport as G did last trip.  I’m reading my third book on the Capital and lining up friends to meet during our eleven days in DC.  I’m beyond excited.


  1. As am I! I love DC in the fall.

  2. What a great trip, I'm looking forward to your adventures and pictures.

  3. I'm also excited about your Washington trip. I love DC.

  4. It sounds like you are already enjoying the trip and you haven't left yet. don't forget to take the charger for your e-book reader....

  5. Best wishes for mild temperatures, no-hassle logistics and days filled with experiences that exceed expectations!

  6. I don't know when I will ever fly to the mainland again. It seems we are focusing on foreign travel right now. Say hi to Dianne for me.

  7. Ah Washington! Thank you Linda:)
    Have a great trip.


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