October 8, 2012

Technological Marvels and Me

Western Baja Mexico, 2011.

A quiet morning was followed by a peaceful few hours by the bay.  I allowed stickiness with my old, much repaired camera to discourage me.  Lens not closing and one lever sticking left me beyond gloomy till bedtime.  I didn’t drop it this time, so perhaps it’s all leftover stuff from that last disaster.

The day was gorgeous and sunny.  I read and G read while the world purred by us out on the bay.  It looked as if half the boat owners in town came down to the water to play.  I got a few good shots of a crowded harbor mouth, but they didn’t want to download to my computer.  In this case, it was the computer.  G suggested that some folks are technically smooth and others are technically rough.  I appear to be in the rough sandpaper stage getting rockier by the minute. 


  1. Your digital karma must have been undergoing an adjustment. Better soon, I hope.

  2. The photo above is juststunning.
    There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly camera.
    Sticky? Have you been at the honey?

  3. You are too funny. Rough sandpaper indeed. Got a good photo of my knee and your glove compartment. Dianne

    PS thanks for the WW stuff. Still stuck in my plateau, but back to basics this week.

  4. I spent the day traveling to Pine Valley and Alpine and then digging in the dirt. Such fun!

  5. I'm a real stop and go type of computer person. Some times it purrs along, and other times it drives me crazy. This is a gorgeous photo, Mage!

  6. Mama said there would be days like this, my Mama said.....I feel your frustration.

  7. Mage, there are just some days when the damn technology loses its mind -- and we're not far behind.

    The Baja shot is beautiful!

    And I can't imagine any day in SD being awful!


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