October 2, 2012


2004 and 2007 teeth.

There I was, just getting ready for bed and doing all the usual stuff.  One of the usuals is to scrub my partial plate.  I take those two teeth out, scrub them till they sparkles, and when I am done with everything, I pop it back in….zap.

Last night there was no partial.  Where could it be?  I looked everywhere.  G looked everywhere which included the car and truck and driveway and everywhere I had looked too.  I had decided on the passive method of searching and pulled out my backup partial.  G began to search anew.  Oh, these were unhappy moments in the Geezer household.

As I walked toward my side of the bed, I saw something seemingly, lumpily out of place on the nightstand.  There they were.

“I found them,” I called down into the dark of the driveway.  I followed that with, “I’m loosing it.  Really losing it.”  For I’d not put them in from the night before. 

I’m hoping that you too have had moments like these.

  • Himself:  Fed cats.  “Had subrogation work to do….and lunch, and laundry…oh, such a busy, busy day.”
  • Herself:  Talked with Bee.  She’s argumentative again.  Having a dying husband and a dying mother at the same time will do that with one.  Planned menus, grocery shopped, shouldda done more housekeeping, and read in bed.
  • Reading:  Fodor’s Washington DC.  Fascinating.  We will never get to do a fraction of the things listed.
  • Balance:  Dinner by the bay.


  1. I once picked my mobile phone up and popped it into a dish full of soapy water. I was shocked when I saw it flashing up at me.

  2. Can you imagine how many extra pairs of glasses I keep around the house, because I am so prone to losing them? Not my teeth, though; one look in the mirror will show me the wicked witch of the northeast!

  3. Packed for a trip and on arrival found I'd packed the handheld for my housephone.

  4. Hmmm. I don't seem to have that problem. I rarely misplace things. But my elder daughter tends to be absent minded and forgets where she put things, like her cell phone.

  5. I never really thought about the phrase "absent minded" - but now I find from time to time I am living the literal.

  6. Like just now when I poured lemonade on my cereal.

  7. It's getting to the point where I have to make a mental note when I take my glasses off because I can't see them to put them back on otherwise. I try to remember to put them in the same place every time.....same with my cell phone...

  8. I keep my am and pm in one of those weekly med planners. I dump the morning or evening pills into a small plastic bowl then take them with a sip of ater. Twice noew, I have dumped them into yhe cup of water instead of the little bowl. ARGGGGGGHHHHH!


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