November 10, 2012

10: Peas, and Corn

The Intrepid Geezer with Camera in Hand.

He thinks he is better; I think he is better.

He has discovered the efficacy of frozen corn or peas on the head.  He still likes naps at any and all times, but he dozes rather than deep sleeps.  Still he is awake longer hours and sounds less like a man in whimper mode than a man with some strength in his voice.

I came home from work to find him dozing.  I retreated to the newest in the Vorkosigian saga then, when he woke, took him out for comfort food…..that stuff we are not supposed to be eating.  These last few days we have blown our diet for things like mac and cheese then last night a hamburger each.  He’s been enjoying every bite.  

As we ate, he told me that he killed my old Vista/7computer….actually he said he reformatted it, installed a new copy of Windows 7, backed up the OS to a backup area on the disk, and installed the backup drive from the XP computer to the old Vista/7 computer.   (Since the XP computer won’t even start now, I do believe it goes to the recycle bin.)  Lastly he installed a small external HD on the new computer, and he backed up the Operating System on my computer.  If something goes wrong, I have the bare bones system things all backed up. 

His brain may be working even though he has corn balanced on his head.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count
  • Himself:  Pills, lotions, potions, corn, peas, and naps
  • Herself:  Renewed my Library Card and stopped in at the Book Sale Room to talk with a leading light local poet.  She tells me that the group has reduced to two.  It’s a great shame, but Marion B was the heart of it, and with her death we all went our separate ways
  • Reading:  The new Francis.
  • Balance:  Still reading.  Enjoying the rain.


  1. Happy to hear G is better. When I had Shingles I stopped taking the Lyrica for pain as it made me too sleepy.

    Re a redo with Shingles. I have been told by my Doc and also read many places that you can only have the virus once with Shingles. Supposedly, it lives in the affected nerve forever after you have Chicken Pox.

  2. Everything is better with corn balanced on your head.

  3. Hope the shingles are soon on their way out. I'm sure G.needs the full use of his eyes and his brain to do his job. But eating forbidden food might be harder to stop eating now. LOL

  4. so,,,tell me, Do you eat the corn after Geezer is through with it?

  5. I'm hoping the vaccine they gave me will keep me from getting the shingles. It sounds awful. Hope G gets better quickly.

  6. You're so lucky that your G is such a computer expert. Thank goodness he's feeling somewhat better. I hope you got your shingles shot.


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