November 11, 2012

11: Blue to Red


Blue to red.

As he naps, I start getting ready to make the living room red instead of blue.  Getting him well comes first, and there is little I can do when he naps.  Might I note that he isn’t in pain when he naps, and that’s what I care about most. 

But I am selfish and self-centered.  Gotta keep me busy.  So I kept all the red pillows out last time we were in the upstairs storage.  I can bring up red art instead of blue from the garage.  But bringing the red rug upstairs requires two people, and I don’t think being hot and sweaty helps shingles.  Although I have access to the bottom floor of the house, he is sleeping smack in the middle.  Sleeping is a far more important thing than keeping me busy.  So I’ve been reading.

He keeps the corn and peas balanced on his head, and I read about corn and peas.  My cookbook collection sits right next to my favorite chair, and I’ve been pulling them out to amuse myself.  Of course, none of this is healthy for me  or my vision. 

Nor are the very fattening dinners out.  He’s already scabbing over, so there may be life after shingles induced comfort food. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.
  • Himself:  Doing better.  Monday next eye doc appointment and he goes back to work.
  • Herself:  I need to do physical things as my eyes are very tired.  I’ve been reading way too much.  Into the 40's here.  Brought up the first of the space heaters.  Wonderful stuff warmth.
  • Reading:  ”A New Way to Cook.”  I’ll tell you about it later.
  • Balance:  Red is the color for the poppies.  I thank all veterans however they managed to serve.


  1. "I thank all veterans, however they managed to serve." A very good sentiment; I agree.

  2. how nice and creative you are, Mage! Wishing you both better days ahead.

  3. After seeing your beautiful living room, I got inspired. We are going to finally get the living room repaired and painted from my last water incident.

    No he never found the toilet brush. Don't know where it went, Goodwill might have it. He upset the cleaner with his accusation of theft. I laughed at him and told them he was a little gaga, but he insists they might have it as he does not think he would misplace it. Dianne

  4. What a difference it makes - the red looks much cosier for winter.
    I missed that your husbnd had shingles. Mine has had it twice and I am seriously contemplating having the shingles vaccination which was strongly recommended by a Canadian blogger friend.

  5. I'm so amazed at how you can do this. Your house is always interesting and always incredibly beautiful, Mage.


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