November 12, 2012

12: Veteran's Day *

Arlington National Cemetery.  Photo: RGB, 2012.

Thank you all who served.  If for a day or for 20 some years, thanks for serving.

Women Nurses burial area, Arlington National Cemetery.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  He was awake more yesterday and is chancing going back to work today.

  • Herself:  Devolved the living room into red and blue piles.

  • Reading:  The new Felix Francis isn’t a Dick Francis, but it’s readable.  Trying not to read for the next few days.

  • Balance:  Making changes.  Talked with Bee.  Picked out the "Red" art to come up.  Took down all the blue stuff.  Shuffled veee-hickles. Shuffled more art and made lunch.  Not a bad morning.

    1. It's a sobering thought, that this is the first Veterans Day that we no longer have any veterans from World War I -- the "War to End All Wars," the war that established this day of remembrance.

    2. Glad Mr. G is feeling better. Thanks for the photos.

    3. As I read your Nov. 1 post, I was thinking of the beauty of the final resting place at Arlington for those who served.

      Today your Arlington photos had me working to hold tears back.

    4. Your Veterans' Day... our Remembrance Day. May we never forget.

    5. Love the photos. I wanted to be a Navy Nurse but never got there. Do wives for 22 years serve? I always thought so. Dianne

    6. How wonderful to have the space to store your blue and red decor. I guess the holidays really are coming.

    7. We owe so much to all these brave men and women. Thank goodness G is feeling a little better.


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