November 13, 2012

13: Still Adding Zing

The US Capitol Building from the South walkway….with the fences to keep everyone off the grass.

Little things tell me that G’s recovering.  There’s more pep in his voice, and more engagement in life too.  He didn’t ask for his corn as often, and once he actually laughed.  You bet I am grateful. 

Because of this, I felt free to participate in life a bit too.  I was trying to get the living room “red” instead of “blue” by the time next visitors were scheduled, but I too have only so much pazazz these days.  I did get art chosen, and most of the old stuff down.  On the way upstairs from the doctor’s, he carried some of it up….for which I am very grateful.  Small projects can certainly grow into big ones with almost no effort at all. 

Today my goal is to finish warming up the living room for the winter months and start on a small album of the Washington DC trip.  Small is the operant word here. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  The doc as pleased, and says the pressure is up only a little in his eye, to keep using the drops, and to come in next in January.
  • Herself:  Was able to pool, grocery shop and run errands.  Finished with, and closed my other Blogger blog.
  • Reading:  A new Tad Williams.  Powerful characters.
  • Balance:  Falling asleep over the TV last night.  I’m really getting good at the head bobbing stuff.


    1. Love the view from the South lawn. I worked in a building on the south side and cut across the grass on many occasions. The fence sign may say it is there to keep people off the grass, but it was erected after 9-11 for obvious reasons. Wouldn't stop a tank, but will deter would be bombers. Too sad isn't it. Dianne

      PS glad G is better. Thinking about him and very glad my Shingles attack did not affect an eye. Dianne

    2. Nice crisp shot of that building. It is most interesting seeing a well-known city through anothers eyes. I keep promising myself I will do a notebook here or a photographic essay book there...but I keep breaking promises!

    3. Slow improvement beats no improvement, even though we slow improvers and their partners do experience frustrations along the way. Thoughts your way for all the best for you both.

    4. I admire your plans to get the red in and the blue put away. Good luck to G. on recovery...sounds like he is doing all the right things.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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