November 18, 2012

18: A Letter

Photo Copyright IKEA San Diego from Google


Yes, I have an email or letter to write today. 

Dear IKEA; You affront all seniors and handicapped visitors to your store by locking up the wheelchairs and insisting the customers leave their ID’s with your front door person.  This is highly offensive.

Why not adapt a more customer friendly tactic.  Have a smiling person at the exits as well as at the entrance.  Target and other large stores the Fenton Parkway area must have the same issues.  I find they offer free use of wheelchairs and power scooters for those who have trouble walking.  We don’t have to part with our ID’s at the door in their stores.

Please stop treating us like thieves.  There must be a compromise available for those shoppers in need of assistance.  Until there is a change, I will be shopping at stores set up in a more disability friendly manner.


  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.
  • Himself:  He slept the afternoon away and went to bed early.  He says he feels better today.
  • Herself:  Ran errands in the morning.  Got stuff put away from the color change in the living room.  Ate out and was up and down all night.  This morning: Wrote a letter to IKEA.
  • Reading:  Looked at pictures in a book about 100 years of costume design in Hollywood.
  • Balance:  The quiet while G napped when I caught my head bobbing up and down too.


    1. In this same strip mall both Costco and Lowe's offer power scooters and wheelchairs with no restrictions. This act at IKEA really made me mad.

    2. I know a lot of people just love IKEA, but I'm not a fan. I can't see the logic of their arrangement, so I get lost...

      Of course, I shopped with my sister, who thought it was wise to ignore the Exit signs.

    3. I've never been in an IKEA store, and doubt I ever will. David visited Target this week to buy the spray we use on the floors. He likes Target very much.


      PS, checking back to see your colorful site this afternoon as it always cheers me up.

    4. I didn't know IKEA was such a snit about loaning out wheelchairs. I think you should mail that to the corporate headquarters with copy to the local store. Might make a difference.

    5. Good for you. No excuse now for them not to up their game.

    6. I've never heard of a store requiring an I.D. to use chairs or scooters. Our grocery, home supply stores don't. IKEA needs to move their worker to the exit and "help" the shopper out to car with purchases. Glad you wrote a letter.

    7. You rock Mage, thank you so much. I'll add my own emails to yours, I have a number of friends who cannot shop any other way.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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