November 2, 2012

2: Normalicy

ThomaS in DC.

Went to sleep early, and woke energized and bouncing around.  Napped over my solitaire tho so moved to the bed for an hour.  The photos are ordered for the album, the album was purchased long, long ago.  Via Facebook, a neighbor tells us that ThomaS’s home is still there just wet.  I’m back to sorting books and saying thank you for all the notes on my too long trip posts.  You all are much appreciated.  G settles in to immovability at his computer.  We are settling in to an even normalcy.

  • Himself:  Got up from his computer today several times.
  • Herself:  Dinner the last few nights as been really tasty.  Wednesday:  Cod filet with salsa, couscous, tossed veggie salad.  Thursday:  Baked squash, Thai broccoli, and a zippy slaw.
  • Reading:  One of the earlier Kate Shugak mysteries on my Nook.  Bought “A New Way of Cooking" from the store.  Have the new Francis in Reserve along with “Will Write for Food.”  How to write cookbooks and blogs about cooking.  The library tells me that I need to renew my library card.  This is a first….by email. 
  • Balance:  A marvelous sunset moving from gold and blue to passionate reds and purples.


  1. I was watching Jacques Pepin last week, and he made a green couscous. He put finely chopped herbs (parsley, chives, basel, I think) into the cooking liquid.

    I thought that sounded good.

  2. Missing CA with its beautiful views and beaches.

    I am moving back to the Liberal camp to vote for Tim Kaine, but don't tell David. ha ha.

    Fixing turkey sausage, white bean and butternut squash soup for lunch. Got the recipe from WW site. Yum.

    Mentioned you in my post today. Much love, Dianne

  3. Just wanted to note that Hubby, not Sandy, moved the car to the side of that garage wall for shelter. He was sure the tree near the driveway would fall on it.

  4. Love all your photos, Mage. Your recent meals sound delish! Come to Hawaii and cook for me. Lol.


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