November 21, 2012

21: Half Done

Number two of many oblisk photos.  2012.

I got a lot done on the Washington DC book.  I’ve edited the 18 pages of poorly written log, and I’ve printed out many additional pages of images and captions to bolster up the few photo’s I ordered from my service. 

This one isn’t such a work of art as others in the past were, more a classical format and layout.  I’m pleased with all the technical things I am learning in this new Word, and surviving it.  Often I feel left behind the learning curve, but I know the end result will be a pleasure to look at.  This week, I have Saturday and Sunday free, so those two days are when I will next get a chance to work on it.  Next week I will have Tuesday as my only free day.

It will be fun when it is done.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.

  • Himself:  Didn’t sleep well, woke at 4 hurting, and woke again at 5 as a horrible grumph.

  • Herself:  He doesn’t need me to wait on him so I am back in the pool and will find a new way to handle the books.

  • Reading:  Another Anne McCaffrey.

  • Balance:  The wonderful new no fat Greek yogurts.


    1. Here's hoping that uncomfortable night was just a bump in the road. Have a good holiday.

    2. Love the Greek yogurt. Good old sheep's milk at its best. Dianne

    3. I know how long these projects can last. I really need to finish our Molokai album. Siiiigh...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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