November 26, 2012

26: Good Days, Bad Days

I spent a few hours yesterday putting red stuff on the tree.  Afterwards, perhaps because of my tired, shaky hands, I could never get a good, in focus, shot of the tree.  Darn it.  I’ll try again later.

G set up the tree, and he hung lights on two of the patios.  It was too much for him.  He never really moved after that…a truly bad day.  I felt so sorry for him.  This is a virus that just keeps on giving.   He’s trying a half hour at the gym this morning….no more.  We will see.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  He says he is feeling better.
  • Herself:  Pool, work at the store, shop for dinner.
  • Reading:  Nothing at the moment, but I have a nook book awaiting.
  • Balance:  A first day pricing things by myself.  Calling for an appointment about my hand when I get home.


    1. Good thoughts going to G. No one deserves that misery.

    2. The tree is gorgeously red and vivid! I like it. Hope G. gets more relief from the shingles virus. Thank goodness husband and I both got the shot last year.

    3. You have inspired me to begin my tree work. Thanks for sharing yours. Good wished to George. Dianne

    4. Only two words from this end...head cold.

    5. very pretty tree. don't know if I prefer the red or the blue one last year. Both pretty! Congrats.

    6. The tree looks perfect.
      Sosorry he is feeling under the weather and I hope he feels better soon.

    7. Very beautiful, Mage. What is wrong with me? I usually have our tree up by now, but I can't get the steam going. Sheesh!

    8. You do know how to pull a tree together!


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