November 27, 2012

27: Three Days

The Discovery shop has so many dishes that we cannot put them all out.

Only three more days of NoMoJo (November Journaling Month).  I certainly haven’t had much to say, but I’ve been here every day.  Talked with Lessa yesterday, and I will talk with my broker today.  Planned the menus and grocery shopped after work yesterday.  Life is not exciting, but it moves on and is good.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Napped on his lunch break.  Perhaps too much time at the gym yesterday.  He did go today.
  • Herself:  I certainly didn’t know if I priced things right yesterday, but I worked hard and they teased me.  That’s always a good sign.
  • Reading:  Nothing….but house cleaning.  LOL
  • Balance:  Half an hour aerobics, and fifteen minutes stretching in the hot tub.


    1. Lovely dishes! Wish I had a place to store them!

    2. I second that...gorgeous old china....someone will grab them very quickly, I am sure.

    3. Yes, life is a little slow now that all the travel is behind us. I am already thinking about what to do next year. That's called winter planning.

      Rainy here today and we can't walk our dogs.


    4. PS China looks like it?? If so, some of it is pricy and antique.

    5. I've been away and dealing with Thanksgiving, so I had to do some catching up here. It took some sifting back through your month of daily posts to find out what sort of virus G had, and I am so sympathetic with his shingles. What a miserable thing to have. I do hope it goes away quickly. It is often faster than a year, though my father had it and it took perhaps a month before it became more of a minor annoyance.

      I, too, admire the china.

    6. China like that is such a pleasure to handle.

    7. Those simple days are truly days to cherish. It's good not to have to worry about anything for a day... to just savor the ordinariness of it.


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