November 28, 2012

28: One Pot Simplicity


Now that I have complied with all the newest federal regulations endlessly designed for my financial safety, I need a new will.  Not that I don’t love my friend Bee as my executor, but she is in LA, and G is here and I’m married to him.  It’s an out with the old sort of thing.

My money man came by yesterday afternoon, and I am now clearly aware of the latest in Federal regulations and have redesigned things as simply as possible.  One account, which I signed on to when I was young and didn’t understand what I was doing, is now designated to be divided 50/50 with the kids.  Another, to G.  So simple. 

If I wish, I can also move one larger account to a new class of annuity where I will get a reduced income to live on, but it I use it all they will still have to keep on paying.  Both G and I like the idea, but there seems something fishy about it.  I’m only living on a grand a month now and don’t want to reduce it further.  Not right now…but thanks.

So we moved on into our afternoons.  He went back to working with wrecks, and I made a pretty good pot of chili.  Sometimes, simple one pot meals do suit all.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  The gym is pooping him out.  He’s switching to every other day for a while.
  • Herself:  Finished a few more pages on thhe DC album yesterday.
  • Reading:  Enough McCaffrey for the moment.  Read the book about Laura Manning after 9/11 in small bites.
  • Balance:  Watching both NCIS’s with G.


    1. Yes, it's complicated. And all my planning was in vain. Ask your money man about contingencies for the elderly.

    2. Money is so terrifying when you have a fixed income and little means of adding to it. When I worked it was not such a cloud of rain hanging over me. Every time the DOW moves I get a pain in my gut. We work hard and save much and some silly thing can take it all away.

    3. Good for you for taking care of business. It is complicated and I worry if the $$ will last as long as I do.

    4. Good to have a money person you can trust!

    5. I agree with Tabor. Got my 401K savings where it pays out every quarter but always worried when the market goes way up and down.

    6. Great minds think alike. I fixed Chili here too but could not eat much after I did. Stomach giving me fits again from all this Not wild living. I know its the meds, yuck.

      I gotta do the will thing too. Also my annuity from Bell is going to be coming from another company. Under Dodd-Frank the big companies had to spin off their pension funds. Feds don't have to insure them this way. The other company is a rock, but I have mixed feelings about this.


    7. We just had our trusts evaluated too. It's all such a complicated process. It's good that you're getting it all in order.


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