November 3, 2012

3: Opinions

Except for the day Grumpy’s battery died, I’ve been getting to the pool early these chill mornings.  Yesterday the sky was streaked with pink as I walked a few laps before class.  Yes, you can walk laps in the deep water.  Yes, for me, fat isn’t a healthy thing.  Every day I have a little more stamina, and every day I have a little more energy.

I put that energy to work at the end of my shift yesterday with Christmas Cards.  Yes too, thank you for donating your unused Christmas Cards to the American Cancer Society.  No, we can’t resell those cards that came in the mail free to you.  All the other’s I bagged and got out on the floor. 

Yes, three, there’s some awfully nice folks volunteering in the back room at the store.  You too can give back by volunteering somewhere whether with animals, plants, or even books as I do.  You don’t even have to walk….the lady who prices the books rolls in with her wheel chair.   It’s a wonderful way to keep life in balance.

  • Himself:  Is working two jobs right now and is a very busy Geezer.
  • Herself:  Pool, store, dinner, meeting…busy me.
  • Reading:  The Newest Dick Francis.
  • Balance:  The sunrise and sleeping in till seven.  Imagine.


  1. I too have been extending my morning lie-in to prepare for the time change soon.

    Overcast here today, but cozy and warm inside. We walked our handsonme recently coiffed dogs. Felt good to be out in the brisk air. Made David wear his hat. D.

  2. Lovely to sleep in and when the time changes tonight you can sleep in and still be up early ;-)

  3. I have been trying to get into a routine of exercise more faithfully and did so last week. Ran 6 miles on the elliptical over three days and did free weights and some yoga. Then stepped off the last step in the garage on Friday and twisted my foot and sprained a knee when I fell to the concrete. It always seems something comes up to keep me from exercising! Back to normal today and mostly tomorrow I will begin again. Give your other half a hug from me and tell me how proud I am that he is working so hard!


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