November 30, 2012

30: The last of NoJoMo

….and thanks for reading, and don't forget that tomorrow is World AIDS Day.                                                                    

The tree in focus…at last.

I certainly haven’t said much these last 30 days.  Usually I say more, and I apologize.  You too have been busy I see.  Busy is good. 

Life has been quiet these last Shingly weeks.  Holiday decisions have been made.  Bee and Mikey are stopping by one day.  Another, we have hopes to have an open house.  Quiet things.  I posted this photo of the tree on Facebook as an e-card  for our friends there.  A most exquisite, real card arrived yesterday from PQ.  Other’s will probably come and wake up my guilt feelings anew.  You would think now that I’m in my seventies, I could let guilt go. 

A few family members will get real holiday cards from us….bought at the Cancer Society Discovery Shop.  Most will get an email telling them how much they are appreciated and loved.  And they are.  There are two non-family presents, estate sale finds.  There’s a little something for G from me under the tree, and a something from G for me.  Our biggest present to ourselves was that glorious trip to Washington DC.

We will be home for the holidays…this second year in a row, and keep life as simple as we can.  Have you made your plans yet?

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Says he is feeling much better today.  Added vitamins and did a half hour at the gym.  Said he’s going to the one hour meeting tonight.

  • Herself:  I’m playing life by ear.  Worked again yesterday to clean the back room book shelves and barely dented them.  Priced and put hundreds of kids books out in baskets and on shelves.  Some for 50 cents, and most for a buck.  I ache all over and fell asleep after dinner.  Could it have been the slice of cake I ate at work?  No swimming before work this morning.  Today I am the back room sorter, and all the sorting racks are full too.  We don’t have enough volunteers to get things out on the floor.

  • Reading:  Brought home four new books.

  • Balance:  Slept eight and a half hours.


    1. Merry Christmas! Sounds like you are in the mood. Cheers!

    2. I don't do Christmas, but I always used to do cards. It's a way of keeping in touch with friends.

      But I lost my address lists in the last hard drive failure, so most people won't get cards...

      I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas, with lots of friends and family and a minimum of pain.

    3. If I lived near you I would volunteer. I want your snail mail address again. I know I have it somewhere but i want to send you a card. I bought my cards from the local Emeritis House, second year in a row... art work by seniors.

      We don't go anywhere over Christmas, but we do get together for lunch with my daughter and her family. This year, no cooking. We plan to eat out in Old Town Alexandria. Dianne

    4. Low key for me. You guys up for dinner somewhere soon?

    5. Quiet for me too this year. Planning on having the grandgirls over to put up the little (fake) tree and decorate with lots of old decorations. I send a few cards with a letter to those I rarely get to see. Got my Christmas stamps. Hope you two are well for the holidays, the shingles is a nasty piece of work. Had them twice.

    6. On a Zpack of antibiotics in that this is more than a cold and an actual battle with bronhitus. Took the double dose and immediately got cramps and then fell asleep. If it does that to me, hopefully it is killing the bacteria! Plans are to spend with the little ones as we do every year.

    7. We are working on our Christmas letter thing again this year and will be getting packages ready to send out too. Seems odd with no snow or cold weather but I think we can handle it.

    8. I love your tree, so beautifully decorated. I must admit that I envy your achivement of having the presents ready and under the tree plus holiday decisions made. And I share that Christmas card guilt.

    9. I STILL haven't quite gotten myself in gear. I did get my holiday newsletter done, but that's about it. Sheesh!

      I love your Christmas tree! Gorgeous!

    10. Plans for the holidays? Yes and no. We'll do what we do best--live our lives by the seat o'the pants. That means taking things as they come. We talked with the family and decided to donate to favorite charities instead of buying expensive gifts for each other. Except for the two grandchildren. I ordered those online, and made something homemade for the one person outside the family we exchange gifts for, and now I'm just enjoying reading, watching tv, choosing my favorite holiday treats to make--which will include special Christmas fruitcakes for family. I'm sleeping much better without the anxiety. Your open house sounds like fun though.


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