November 4, 2012

4: House Things

Grasses in the Verge near the Department of Agriculture.  2012.

The lamps blink.  You know you have to repair them soon or risk burning to the ground…but the first repair doesn’t work.  Today he will be replacing the wall plug.  There’s a sale at Frye’s too.  They have a Gateway computer there that’s just as powerful as G’s best gaming computer for a pittance.  It’s a Windows 7 computer, and they are all heading out as the new Windows 8 computers come in. 

Why would we be interested? 

Because I have a Vista computer that has a download of Windows 7 on top of the Vista.  There’s an error somewhere.  You can’t just metaphorically replace the plug here and have it work. We tried that.  Windows has even admitted there’s an error on my computer.  It eats things.  Right now, while it is busy eating my latest browser download, it has also vanished some of my ability to download pictures.

I get about half that I shoot.  With any camera.  If I don’t want to annoy G, I drag and drop each shot where I want it.  Two hundred shots a day don’t drag and drop well at all. 

Other less important errands include groceries, picking up that blue rock necklace that broke while dropping off my keeper ring that broke a point, stop by our carpet company for extra padding for the red rug so it can get installed….that sort of shopping for the house.

It’s going to be a lovely day in the sun. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.
  • Himself:  Hit two estate sales and bought a handful of our Blue Ridge/Southern Potteries.  I will have to photograph them for you all. A magical coffee pot too.  He went to work at the museum, and dinner was out.
  • Herself:  Bought some “Christmas Glittered Robins” at an estate sale.  Little felt birds.  Very 1960’s, and very unusual.  No, we didn’t need them.  Went in to work at the store when an estate sale was donated to the store.  So tired that I fell asleep at 8. 
  • Reading:  Changed books and am delighting in “Will Write for Food.”
  • Balance:  Sitting in the car reading while G went places and shopped.


  1. Lamp in need of repair and malevolent computer software. Sounds like our house.

    I look forward every visit to your list at the end of your post, summarizing a day well lived.

  2. Repairs are the name of the day. Be careful with that electricity stuff! I am weeding and pulling up plants and we have now filled a trailer with all t he downed limbs and dead plants.

  3. I enjoyed your travel log and photos so much. You really get a lot out of your trips. Glad you got to see it all before Sandy got to town.
    I'm enjoying Nano this year. over !0,000 words to date. Hope I can keep the ideas coming out of my head.

  4. You lead an interesting life. Do you still draw? Your previous art was very pleasant to see, Mage.

  5. I've hardly mastered Windows 7.
    Is there no end to it?

  6. What an interesting day. And your writing makes it entertaining. I look forward to reading you each day, although yesterday when I was on line you were probably still snoozing. Got to get some new pots. I love them.

    Should have showed you the pots out back in my garden. I will have to photograph them after Seth gets the mess cleaned up.


    PS wrote about our trip into SD yesterday..

  7. I loved our Gateway. They had great tech support. I hope it's still the case.


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