November 5, 2012

5: More Computer Stuff

At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 2012.

All those errands had to get done….no matter what, and in the middle of them all G found me a computer…last year’s computer, and a floor model to boot.  Everyone wants tablets, and no one wants desktops.  This HP demo has all the bells and whistles with an appallingly large hard drive, (HD), at just over 300 bucks.  No one wants Windows 7 either much less how will I ever fill up that gazillion bit hard drive.  I just want reliability.  Yes, I can see the oxymoron in that.

The backup XP computer doesn’t want to start now.  I don’t blame it, but it has to.  The Vista/7 computer continues to eat things as I try to save its contents.  Making computer decisions yesterday accompanied by nausea wasn’t my first choice.  If I didn’t save it, oh well.

Today is email.  If you don’t hear from me and don’t read my blog…which I encourage you to do to keep up with me, this means your email address vanished into limbo.  I’ve lost you, not consciously, mind you.  Please send me a note and I will keep your address in the cloud.  Doesn’t that sound pretentious.

I’m an email saver.  This hoarding, this folder by folder saving thing has come back to haunt me.  Today I get to go through it all preparatory for wiping the Vista/7 computer bare.  Probably sooner rather than later it will become the new backup…especially if I cannot get the old one going. 

Our friend Bonnie Rose just got a new computer too.   Boy do I sympathize.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.
  • Himself:  Got everything done with a smile.

  • Herself:  Mildly ill and with hives.  Feel pretty good this morning.

  • Reading:  All the books I mentioned before plus a book of Reeve Lindbergh’s essays.

  • Balance:  Not moving.  Holding still is a very good things.


  1. There's nothing wrong with Windows 7. On the other hand, the samples I was given for Office 2010 are terrible.

    Good luck. (Let me know, via my URL if necessary, if you've lost my email.)

  2. I will wait to see if you lost my email for a while. I have a terrible love/hate relationship with technology. My $400 laptop is used for surfing, email, and a little photography...but most of the important stuff is on the PC upstairs. I still have the even older PC sitting on the floor there because Best Buy said it would cost me $50 to get them to purge it so I can safely give it away or toss it. At least you have a computer geek at your house!

  3. Congratulations on the new "puter". We have Windows7 too. I just want reliability. I don't need all the fancy stuff ~ just like a car....I want to turn it on and it goes. Don't need to be dazzled with bullsh*t! LOl

  4. Hanging on to my Windows 7 desktop too. My son just recently purged my old ones so I could recycle them. Bless 'em.

  5. I really like my Windows 7 AND I love my desktop. We use it much more often than our laptop. I especially need the desktop to work on photos and other projects. It just feels sturdier.

    I do want to get an iPad next year for fun though or to take on trips.

  6. Hope all goes well with your new computer. I have an ancient Desktop with XP, slow as can be; a laptop from which Windows 7 was replaced with XP a few years ago, and a netbook that has only the Intro Windows 7 I'm using as I type this. Other than speed of computer, I don't see too much difference in any of them for what I do. Don't know what "8" will offer but am not likely to find out any time soon unless something crashes.

  7. Reading you from Montana. All is well!


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