November 9, 2012

9: Action

Ever the Workman: Into action.

Doctor’s offices call us.  We call doctors.  He finally has a pain pill.  More appointments too.  He sleeps a lot.  Everything is cancelled for a week or so.  He sleeps some more. 

I figure out how to do things he usually helps with.  Groceries: One day only as I cannot climb the back stairs with more than that weight.  I finally have parameters on Thanksgiving too: Lessa had Chickenpox, and Zoe has the immunization. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.
  • Himself:  Being very  proactive.
  • Herself:  ”Can I do anything,” has become my mantra.  Sorting at the store today.
  • Reading:  The new Vorkosigan Space Opera.  It has me rivited.
  • Balance:  Lessa get's another A on a midterm.  The shrinking of our world.


    1. Onward. You are the perfect person to accept the additional responsibility. You can do it. Just pace yourself and give up on things that must be put aside for a while. Wish we lived next door!

    2. Am so sorry to hear the Geezer has shingles. They are so painful. I have my paper work filled out and will get my shingles immunization in a few days. Bob had shingles a few years ago. I did not know people could get the shot who'd had them. I need to get him in for his shot. We certainly don't need him to come down with shingles.

    3. So sorry about the shingles. But how good that he didn't have the attack while you were on vacation. Husband and I got the shingles shots last year ~ paid by Medicare. We also got pneumonia shots last year. Figured being in Florida away from our normal "germs" could cause us to get sick. Hope G. soon feels better. My son had shingles in his eye years ago but it cleared up well.

    4. Thinking about you and G today. When David was incapacitated and could not haul groceries into the house, I arranged for delivery of them and a nice young man carried them for me.

      Hope your hip is not driving you mad. Very sunny here the past few days and the meteorologist promises a stellar weekend back in the 70s.

      Take care. Dianne

    5. I sure hope he feels better soon. Thank goodness he's got some good pain pills.


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