November 1, 2012

....and finally, Places 2

Two of our friends on the east coast report that they are good.  We have not heard from ThomaS yet and are both worried.  Bee drove down here yesterday with Mikey.  He took the Trolley to his dentist in Tijuana while she visited me at the store.  She’s doing pretty good.  One lady at the store lost her house in New Jersey. The storm touched everyone.  I’m keeping everyone in my heart.

And too, I am participating in NoJo MO again this year.

There were no barriers at Arlington National Cemetery, but one can no longer just drive in.  Arlington gave us a cluster of small things that made up a whole place.  Arlington deeply moved us both.



The American Portrait Museum lured me in twice as did the American History museum. There was also magic to be had at the Freer….

And there were items to take you out of yourself at the American Indian Museum from history through crafts and art.  George liked this one best.

Totems, “We were Always Here,”  Rick Bartow.


Top: Parade Regalia.  Bottom:  Glass Horse Regalia art piece.

We ate out three times a day.  G lost over 3 pounds of weight by eating far heartier meals than I.  I gained .2 pounds.  This lunch at the Capitol Dining Room can leave you guessing who ate what.

Breakfast was always a day old pastry from Starbucks down the street.  It was vastly  less expensive than eating yogurt, oatmeal, and coffee at the hotel for thirty bucks.  Often we ate a light lunch at the nearest museum.  Dinner was fattening.  I too practiced what I preached and didn’t eat everything on my plates.

Every evening, we headed home via the Metro.  This was a brand new escalator.

We passed through the McPherson Park….he would say there’s no “Fear” in McPherson.  One night we took our left over’s to a regular homeless man.  Even if he didn’t eat them, I know they went to a good cause. 

For other wonderful pictures of our journey, please check out the Geezer's Blog.  Today’s offering is a panorama of Julia’s Kitchen.

Thanks for following us along on this trip.  We had a glorious time, and we would return and enjoy all but the return compression which was on a 737. 

“Erected by his Comrades of the Army of Tennessee,” it says.


  1. You were a crow's flight from our house when you were in the cemetery. Years ago, I could drive through the cemetery to get downtown. Things change and much of the change is since 9-11.

    Lucky you in the Indian museum. Gotta get there soon. Dianne

  2. Magnificent photos especially Rick Bartow's work. One of your Arlington photos has the headstone of one of my paternal grandmother's Cushing cousins. Maybe someday I get there to visit too. Thanks for views.


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