November 15, 2012

15: Progress Is Our Most Important Product

A grinning Geezer.

We stay up past ten some nights.  I have been sleeping in because of this trying for eight hours.  I’m so very slow and sleepy as a result.  For a while there, I too didn’t feel well…allergies perhaps.  More sleep seems to help.  In fact, all of life seems to be a trade-off these days.  Today, instead of going to the pool, I slept in then went to work.

Tomorrow I’m going in very early to help price a whole house that arrived today.  Yes, whole house.  The biggest things were left out in the shop, and tomorrow the Christmas Boutique goes out after 3pm.  Christmas trees will be fighting for space with the organ, sofa, tables, and many chairs.  There were foour boxes of cook books to gladden my heart to.

To clear out the store before the holiday event, everything was half price today.  We were very busy in the morning.  Not a lot of books left the shelves though.  Later tomorrow, after three, I will be helping install the Holiday things…after I get the boxes of holiday books out.  I’ll get a ride in with a fellow volunteer, and G will pick me up.  That’s balance.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.

  • Himself:  Worked the whole day; Lunch time he did the laundry; carried up the laundry, cleaned the garage, and took me out to dinner after shopping at the store.

  • Herself:  Shopped while I worked.  Got two Crate and Barrel nesting tables….one red, a Chinese horse, a clear glass salad bowl, and turquoise linen placemats.  Half price.  I wanted a glass will do.  But I should have started at the store with my bowl search;  it was there all the time.  I did forget to pick up his meds tho so we went after dinner.

  • Reading:  Beginning a reread of the Panama Canal book.

  • Balance:  Not reading and seeing better.


    1. Next time I am out in CA I must get to your shop. Sounds like a fab place find goodies.

      <Ore sleep and losing weight help me to deal with allergies. However, when I wake up if I don't get up its terrible later.


    2. Amazing finds. Sleep gets too interesting in our later years. I control my naps with a kitchen timer lest I sleep all afternoon and then feel icky and stay up too late. I like to sleep through my allergies too.

    3. My sleep patterns are so weird. I sleep from 11:00 until 2:00 AM. Then I read for 2 hours and go back to sleep until 6:00.

    4. These days I am going to bed earlier and earlier. You are so on target about the trade offs. However you schedule it, it is amazing that you keep so many plates in the air.

      Thanks for the alert. I agree with your comment on my post about the word verification thing. I hate it. But i was overwhelmed with spam. Even though Blogger's spam filter caught most of it, the 600 or more robo hits a day seemed to be slowing things down. Plus some were beginning to leak thru the filter. I am looking for an alternative.

    5. A red table...perfect for your living room. I hope one day to see that lovely store where you put out all those goodies. I am not shopping much these days...waiting until we sell the big house and then if we have any room in the RV or the downsizer, it will be on!

    6. I am trying so hard to keep my house more empty. It is too easy to fill it with things that catch my eye...but if I give away something...then I feel I can replace it with something else.

    7. I meant to comment that I have been waking up at 2 or 3 and reading for several hours then drifting back and sleeping until 7:30. I rarely get more than 6 hours, but that seems to do.

    8. Glad to see thru comments and your post that my own erratic sleep patterns aren't unusual. The less I sleep, the earlier I have to go to bed and then the earlier I wake up next day. Getting old sucks sometimes! But it sure sounds like fun there in the store. I'd enjoy these little "treasure hunts" in setting things out.

    9. Last night I woke up at 1am after dreaming I was coming out of an elevator and a dog bit my leg. Need I say, I had a leg cramp that probably woke me up. I took a long time getting back to sleep, but I have no trouble sleeping sitting up, in classes and even at my computer. Disgusting!


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