December 12, 2012

A Few Small Things

The line to see Santa at the Fashion Valley Mall.

Malls:  So I called my youngest as soon as I heard about the shooting in Portland.  Both kids must have their phones set to special ring tones when I call.  Her opening remark was, “I don’t do malls.”  Once I got over the abstraction of the openingremark, we had a nice talk.

New Joisey News:  Very sad about ThomaS’s library news.  They are going to have to tear it down.  That’s unimaginable to me.  A great sadness.

We went toy shopping for the first time yesterday.  At the Y, they have little angels on a lobby tree.  G did some research online before he grabbed a toy for a boy aged nine.  He had been very specific about what he wanted.  Top of the list was a remote controlled helicopter.  G picked one that could be flown inside, was easy to use, and had a rescue basket that went up and down.  He still thinks that’s cool.

I took toy pictures.

More book shuffling today.  I’ve been going in every day and shelving books.  They have been selling, and tho not heavily, there’s a steady out-go.  Some of the storage shelves in back are actually empty.  If I can get a substantial number of books on the shelf today, maybe we will actually be ahead of the game by Friday and the giant, storewide 50% off sale. 

I’m a dogged book shelver.  That’s me.

The giant winter storm that’s been battering the north is heading our way.  Day before yesterday, the weather heads were saying it would strike today.  Watching this morning’s weather, they all say it will strike tonight around three.  When I got to the pool this morning, there was only the teacher and I.  I bet they all thought it would strike this morning.

Am I going to be lazy and not swim in the pouring rain tomorrow?


  1. When I met G I knew he was one smart cookie. He realizes that shopping for kids requires forethought! Wish I had him in my corner this week. Hubby HATES shopping. It actually gives him a stomach ache and all he talks about is where are we going to eat lunch or dinner!

  2. It's fun to shop for children at Christmas......I remember the hours I would spend looking through the catalogs for the perfect gifts.....

  3. Our mall shooting yesterday was a shock. Equally shocking was the attempted car hijacking over the week-end. You don't expect car hijackings on church parking lots, and certainly don't expect the hijackers, 11 & 7, to be carrying a loaded weapon and extra bullets. I'm proud of our police. They really worked hard to resolve a very frightening situation in spite of laws that tied their hands. When laws were made no one dreamed children that young would be carrying loaded weapons. Times have changed. Glad to say, the father of the 11 year old has now been arrested. He is a convicted felon, and has a long history with police. The 11 year old and his two siblings are now in protective custody. Good work Portland Police.

  4. It's nice the books are selling so well. Kudos to you for being a diligent volunteer. It's scary how many murder-suicides there are these days. Maybe that's why I prefer to stay home as much as possible.

  5. Good for you with all the book shelving. I too called all my Portland relatives thinking they would have been at work but...all are fine. More reasons to shop online or in smaller stores. My prayers for everyone this holiday season.

  6. Why are there so many shootings lately? It's so darn scary!


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