December 18, 2012

A Forgetting

Life seems settled, rooted happily this morning as it did yesterday morning.  Unfortunately yesterday, if something could be forgotten, it was. 

My name left me early on.  Recipe contents….I never thought to read the cookie recipes before I went shopping.  I had wanted to take the bathroom curtains to the cleaners first thing in the morning so they could come home Wednesday.  By the time I remembered them, it was late in the day and I can hope they will come home Friday.  At least, I remembered the cloth grocery bags the second and third trips out of the house. 

Still, I got home and was ready to make cookies by one something.  Taking a brief break with a diet coke and the recipe books, I discovered that I had needed soda.  Did I have any soda?  No. 

There are those moments in life when all you can do is laugh at yourself and punt.  I put the meatloaf in the oven and curled up with a book.  Of course, the meatloaf came out slightly burned on top as I forgot to cover it, but the artichokes were perfect even though I’d forgotten to turn them upside down. 


  1. I keep my bags in my van and they still don't make it into the grocery.

  2. Sheesh. Guess I am more organized than you. I make a list as I peruse recipes I plan to use during the week. Hubby does the actual shopping, because he is better at comparing prices. Lol. Would love to eat an artichoke with mayo right now. Yum!

  3. I like a little crust on the top of my meatloaf. (Except when I used to make a microwaved meatloaf, which is a skill unto itself.

  4. Gigi posted a nice recipe for a peaches and cream muffin. I put it through the WW software with a few substitutions, such as Splenda and lo-fat sour cream and voila, only 5 points per muffin. Gotta try them.

    Yes, Happy Solstice. We are going down to the Mall to see the Yule log. Love it.

    Should have showed you my collection of Tarot cards, but I never let anyone touch them but me. Got some gooood ones.



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