December 30, 2012

Catching My Eye

There are these quiet moments.  I don’t photograph many, but I delight in them when I find them on my screen.  Grasses with just a hint of rain leave me with a smile. 

My eye gets caught in the swirl of thicker grass and seeds.  Their windblown order never bores me.

Yet the rows of glass balls offer the same sort of contemplative repetitiveness in their far more boring rigidness. 

Sometimes it’s just a tonal repeat or a shape repeat that catches my eye.  These classic bowl forms, thrown by a master in the fifties, make me long to reach out and feel the thinness of their walls, the slight increase of the lip, the graceful turn of the foot, and the lightness.  

  • Always keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Coming down with the cold.
  • Herself:  Bravely answered ALL the email in her inbox.  Bravo.
  • Reading:  Under A Wing.  Lindbergh.
  • Balance:  You will laugh.  The horror and brutality of “Die Hard 3” took both of us away from our common colds.


    1. My Son-in-law thinks I am being narrow-minded by having an opinion about Jango Unleased withou ever having seen it. But I really do not like Tarentino's talent and I never will. I do not think seeing it would help me at all. Was Bruce Willis in your movie? He always makes me smile.

    2. Those grass photos are such art. Really like they way they make me feel. I share Tabor's opinions, I don't even think I'm for Les Miz work of art though it may be.

    3. I took your recommendation and found a Dana Stabnow book. Read it yesterday and really enjoyed it. I liked the setting in Alaska. Thanks for the new author in my life!

    4. I could tell you liked pots as much as me when you felt mine. Ha Ha. Dianne


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