December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays


Here the tree is finished, the presents for those here wrapped, and checks sent to the grandkids.  Aaron has returned from Afghanistan and we will mail a little something off to his mom.  A little something else was sent off to Lenora…who I dearly miss, and a thousand little nou-nous are wrapped for Lessa and Zoe. 

I only ate two brownies and two chocolate covered Christmas trees at work yesterday, yet my guilt level seems semi under control.  I hope all you cookie addicts and chocoholics can join me in letting your guilt go for the next few days.  Be assured, I’ll be joining Cookies Anonymouse as soon as the holidays are over.

The house is ready for a few guests today while I remember all those who aren’t here to join us this year like Dale and Harriette.  The wassail is on to simmer and fill the house with holiday smells.  The heater is on this one day of the year, and already I’ve pushed the hood off my head and taken my fingerless gloves from my hands.

We wish you all a happy, warm, and safe holiday with love from us.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Putting up with the holiday fuss with great panache.
  • Herself:  Fussing.
  • Reading:  Another Evanovitch.
  • News:  PAH made it through the surgery.  The kids are very sad but glad they have him for a while longer.
  • Fridge installed with lots of fuss.  Interior shelves are smaller than the old one, but this one is vastly quieter.  I'll buy two more door shelves.
  • Balance:  Quiet for a while.


  1. Back at you Babe...drink some for me. I keep thinking I should have a holiday open house!

  2. Sorry about the first husband and your children's father....not easy to handle that type of news at all.
    The Christmas tree is beautiful....I hope your holiday is equally as lovely.

  3. Love and hugs back to you too. Your home must smell delightful.

  4. Beautiful tree! Have a wonderful holiday. Wishing you good health and many smiles in the new year.

  5. I wish I enjoyed Evanovitch as much as I used to. I once read her books avidly, but sadly they don't hold my interest anymore. Finished the book on hoarding and read bits to David. He has been cleaning like crazy. Yesterday, Ines found mouse droppings in the top of the stove when she cleaned it...ugh. Mice are gone, poop was old.

    Re books, just started the Caro book on LBJ. Volume 4. Boy were those Kennedy boys stinkers.

    Have a good holiday and enjoy all the good stuff as best you can. Hannah promised to bring cookies next Saturday. We already ate all of the cookies Julie brought.

    I worked out the points for my Christmas dinner and can afford them. Love those "extra" points, don't you.

    Happy Christmas. Dianne

  6. There's a LOT of cookies and treats under our tree. Sigh... I guess we'll have to force ourselves to eat it. LOL

    Have a Merry Christmas, Mage and to G too!

  7. Thanks for your note, Mage. Here's wishing you and G a great holiday season!

  8. I wish you health and happiness for 2013.xox

  9. Thank you for stopping by, Mage. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too.

    Just sitting here contemplating how wrong I might have been in predicting a mild winter... We had an inch or two of snow on Christmas Eve and then began our morning with the sounds of sleet against the windows and not near 'white out' conditions with snow! When I'm wrong; I'm wrong!! :) Blessings and Nameste, Kathy (If you're on FB, could you 'friend' me?)


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