December 7, 2012

Improvements all 'Round


  • He’s doubly better with new meds for nerve pain and a good night’s sleep.  This is coupled by an upswing in mood sparked by his use of his “day light” lamp.  I am cheering.

  • I snuck off to shelve books yesterday, for full and maintained bookshelves sell more books.  Sure enough, a wagonload of books had been sold.  Again, I am cheering.  Progress.

  • Speaking of sleep.  I think we are getting the hang of this.  Flannel sheets with a very light blanket plus all the doors and windows open.  We both slept well and all night.  Every time the season changes, we have to play games withour selves until we get a good sleep balance.  It works, but you wouldn’t believe the ratty blanket we have on the bed.

  • We had a delicious dinner and great conversation with Captain Poolie last night.  Then to top it all off, she gave us each a bar of her Post Modernist soap. Unscented too….bless her heart.  It’s the first Post Modernist soap I have ever seen.

  • I really appreciated the food tips yesterday.  Thank you says the neophyte party giver here.  Three folks we invited aren’t going to be in town, so we certainly have less folks to feed.  Still, I am game to try any other suggestions.  Did I say thank you.

    1. Post modernist soap...only in California.

    2. I had such a lovely time! Thank you for being my friends!

    3. Happy to hear G is feeling better. I get out and walk my dog for 1/2 hour on sunny days and that helps my mood. Today is rainy, but we walked nevertheless.

      Doctor put me on a drug commonly used for pain and especially for post herpatic pain and neuralgia. Trying to remember the name, but it was something like Splenda or Electra. It made me delerious. But I always was a cheap drunk.

      Now, I remember it was Lyrica. Doc said it would make me fell lyrical. He is always cracking bad jokes.


      PS I have abandoned post-moderism. too scatty for me.

    4. Have to redo the blankets vs comforter thing too....been way too warm the past couple of nights....

    5. We sleep on a single king size bed, but use 2 separate blankets. That way there is no tug of war.

    6. Reblanketed my bed too, and have taken to setting the alarm for six trying to reset my internal clock. Mostly it just means I don't dare lie down (zzz) or drive midafternoon. Gak.

    7. I'm so sorry for all that shingles pain. My mother had it for several months and she says you don't understand until you've gone through it.

    8. I probably shouldn't mention specific drugs here, but my experience with meds for nerve pain is that Lyrica was the best out there. My insurance wouldn't pay for it so we dug deep and bought it ourselves, and it made it possible for me to continue with our plan to visit India. Shame there's such a markup on Rx in this country. It should be available to all.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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