December 3, 2012

More Naps

A Tar-Jay holiday offering.

The great Geezer is slipping backwards.  His eye was oozing green yesterday, and he had energy only in spurts.  It’s talk to the doc time again today. 

He puts up with me, between naps, and for this I am forever grateful.  I spill every meal down my front.  I buy the wrong products and they need to go back.  At least Costco still carry’s the right product.  He naps, and when he wakes up a friend in the program calls.  You bet I am really grateful for this.

He tells me that he had a pretty good night’s sleep.  I don’t tell him that I had a terrible night’s sleep.  We both normally sleep like rocks, so this is all new for us. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  ”How do you feel?”  “Umm, Um,” he replies.  I wonder if this means he is feeling better.  Yesterday he napped.
  • Herself:  Planned to stick around so I could talk with Bee, instead am blogging.  No Bee.  Yesterday  picked up right med at Costco and last present at Target.  Took lots of pictures.
  • Reading:  ”Riding the Bus With My Sister.”  Really touching.
  • Balance:  Finishing half the DC Book.


  1. Sorry to hear that he is relapsing....hope the dr. can give him more meds that work....naps are good too. Hope the week gets better as it goes on..

  2. Dang, hope he gets in to see the doctor soon. May sleep no longer elude you.

  3. Gosh, sounds like G has complications. Green ooze...not good. Thinking about the two of you. How is your hip these days??

    David had a "brownout" at the grocery store today. He says he forgot to eat breakfast before he left. The staff fed him a glazed donut to help raise his blood sugar. Duh!! Not good for someone taking diabetic meds to skip breakfast I think. Dianne

  4. Infections always worry the hell out of me. I seem to get them much easier each winter. Our immune systems are certainly weaker. Make sure he paces himself, drink fluids, takes the meds faithfully. I am so hoping you both get better very soon.

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  6. Hugs to all. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday (but only if Geezer is up to it).


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