December 27, 2012

Playing it by Ear

I’m starting to get organized for the new year here.  Caugh, caugh, sneeze…..
First, I’ve ordered my new The passenger ships desk calendar by Peter Knego.  Then I ordered my Tea Towel wall hanging calendar from Bowsprite's etsy page.Bowsprite’s Etsy site.  I’m so grateful I can support fellow enthusiasts even in such a small way.

Next, I’ll back up my blogs and journals, and last of all, backing up the photos to the 1000 Terrabytes (TB) of space.  About half full, did I say that.  I can’t grasp the thought of a hard drive that big much less it being half full.  That computer also has a 560 GB hard drive for the operating system.  That too astounds me as our first computer had a 2 GB hard drive…total.  It’s all about gratitude.

There’s no plan to take the tree down yet.  Though I’m not a traditional Christian, I’m reminded that there really are 12 days of Christmas that start on the 25th.  I’m not about to take my tree down on the 3rd day of the holiday.  The Great Geezer’s Birthday is coming up in late January.  There have been years that we’ve left the tree up till then.  We will play it by ear this year. 

I’m headed back to bed soon on the 4th day of this blossoming cold.  Yesterday it reached my sinuses, and today it reached my chest.  We will play this one by ear too.  Have a great weekend saving your own computer things. 

Achoooo, cough, cough…..

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Still suffering the side effects of Shingles.  It’s not as bad, but it is still with him.
  • Herself:  Achoooooooooooo……….
  • Reading:  My way through Reeve Lindbergh’s books and wondering about the morals of her father.
  • Balance:  Dozing in the sunshine.


  1. After I read Anne Morrow Lindbergh's last (I think) book, I wondered too. I would not have wanted to be married to such a man.

    My husband's birthday is Twelfth Night, not that he knows what that is. I'm not sure he even knows how old he'll be. (Very.)

  2. Sorry to hear you have a cold....but hope you will be over it by 2013!

  3. No cold here but the mild infection is still hanging on spite of the dose of poison for 10 days! Looks like another visit to he doctor in two weeks she said. Listening to the little one through the remote speaker who is supposed to be napping but seems to be still playing in the crib as I check out some blogs.

  4. Sorry you have such a bad cold. So far, I have managed to be cold-free. We will take our tree down on Jan 1.

  5. I got my first computer when I was pregnant with my younger son (now 22). It had a 40MB drive. :)

    I hope you're feeling much better before too long.

  6. dearest Mage!
    you are the best! feel better soon. Hey! i'm also a late jan baby--so he's aquarius? whoohoo!
    thank you soooo much for getting the tea towel. You are wonderful!
    happy happy new year, Mage! all the best to you both! xo c!


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