December 17, 2012


Showers coming in at sunset.  OB 2012.

Lovely stuff rain.  There’s been little rain here at all this year, and this winter has been a surprise to many bringing us seven storms in a row.  Yes, it does rain in the desert.  Yes, we do live in the desert.

Most of you live where it rains.  You go about your daily routines no matter what the weather brings.  Here, it if is the first day of the storm, we try to drive as little as possible.  Why?  Our roads are slick with oil that’s dropped on them all year.  When it rains, the oil comes to the surface, and unwary drivers have hundreds of accidents.  Sometimes it feels as if we live in wall to wall accidents.

One caught my eye day before yesterday.  The driver of a homeward bound box truck lost control.  He crashed into a guard rail then slid across the bridge into another guard rail nose first.  The driver wore a seat belt.  The passenger did not.  Out through the windshield and over the freeway guard rails he flew to land many stories below on another freeway. 

Please wear your seatbelts.

There’s little oil on the roads today.  I do need to go out to the gym and to a big grocery store.  I need dates….real gooey, happy dates in their sticky boxed sticky rows.  They are not at my local store….but I’ll find them somewhere so I can make my grandma’s date bars.  I’ll drive big, heavy Grumpy out into the lovely rain to swim and to shop.  Wearing my seatbelt.


  1. I haven't eaten dates in years, possibly decades. Lol. Would love to have a bite of your bars.

  2. Seatbelts -- I've been remembering. It's fifty years since I insissted that my dad allow me to buy seatbelts for his car.

  3. I love fresh dates. NOthing better both in baking and just eating!

  4. I love dates! Get the Mejool dates at Sprouts!

  5. Do be very careful, Mage. We had rain here ALL day which is very unusual, but we needed it. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about oil. Good luck on finding your dates. :-)


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