December 28, 2012


I’ve been feeling massively guilty for not going in to work Wednesday.  See the guilt spiking there.  I’d promised I would be there.  Obviously I couldn’t.  The accountant called and asked if I were coming in.  I rasped no, and told her I had a cold.  She told me that there were only two people in the store. 

You can’t run a store like that with only two volunteers. 

So…I will take my virus filled body into work today.  I did promise.  I will also try to keep my virus filled sneezes and coughs away from all the other old ladies, if they are there,  then I will come home and go back to bed.  You can see.  I’m ready.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Numb yesterday, not bad today.  Reminds me that he’s been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week.  Going to the Auto Show tomorrow.
  • Herself:  Shocked by Norman Schwarzkopf’s death.  Awash in sneezes.  Filled with meds.
  • Reading:  Reeve Lindbergh’s volumes out of order.
  • Balance:  Napping after I reload everything on Blogger because it won't take my html this morning.  Did I ever say that I hate editors.


  1. I don't think you should go in to the store but I know you will. If you don't feel well, you are not doing any one any favors by spreading your germs around and keeping yourself from getting well. But I hope it goes ok for you.

  2. I agree with Terri. Stay home.

  3. Stay home, get well, don't share.

  4. One of the most difficult words to utter is NO!! Stay home and take care of yourself.

    According to the Al-Anon ODAT...two useless emotions = guilt and something else. (Having a brain fart). Dianne

    PS its worry. Don't fret about the small stuff. In the larger scheme of things everything is small. ~D

  5. So sorry. Soup and sleep I hope. It is hard. My son and future DIL are down for the count as well. My infection is still here and I took the last of the medicine yesterday. Spring cannot come too soon. I just love that little porcelain charming!

  6. That little tchotchke is darling and just right for your post. I have had a cough for three weeks, but I have felt fine. As long as I don't overdo. That's the key, don't overdo.


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